No One Wants Rotten Miracles

Sometimes when I am trying to figure out whether my faith lies on the side of belief of unbelief I’ll go watch the clip below.

There is magic in that movie. There is a spark of something I can’t quite put my finger on but it is there. Maybe it is because I relate to Moonlight Graham and recognize that we don’t know how many significant days there will be in our lives.

It is part of why I try to do be present, aware and awake each day. I don’t want to fall into a routine where I just pass the days, can’t say it doesn’t happen from time to time, but I try to minimize those things.

“You Rush a Miracle Man, You Get Rotten Miracles”

I am on the verge of something large, something huge and wonderful. Been pushing for this for a long time and now I think I just might have it.

Don’t know if it is the sort of thing I can or should refer to as a miracle, but I am excited and it has been a long time coming. Not trying to be a tease or a pain-in-the-ass about this either, but until it is 100 percent done I don’t want to speak any more directly than I am now.

Call me superstitious and call me realistic.

The realistic part refers to understanding that if we aren’t pleased with how things are it is up to us to make a change. I am doing just that and I am very pleased to be able to show my kids the value of persistence and sustaining our effort.

Good things come from that.

There Are no Short Cuts or Nigerian Princes Coming To Save You

Most of us will never be able to benefit from short cuts presented by winning the lottery or inheriting large sums of money. It is not a bad thing, it just means we have to work hard to get what we need and what we want.

Even those of us who hold official positions in the Church of the Treefrog and are teachers of Sacred Dance aren’t exempt from work.

On a serious note it reminds me of discussions I have had with friends and co-workers about whether a “good work ethic” has any real meaning.

We want to be known for being hard workers but we also want to be known as smart workers. Sometimes a good work ethic makes me think of someone on an assembly line who can work all day long or a migrant worker out in the fields.

They work hard and they deserve much credit, but I can’t help but wonder if they are just good at grinding it out.The world always needs grinders but we also need thinkers too.

Opportunity Knocks?

Sometimes you recognize opportunity when it knocks and sometimes you beat on the door until it answers.

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