The Biggest Liar In Social Media Blog Awards

«Don't call me nemo!»

Let’s get something clear from the start, this isn’t going to be a post where I rant and rave about all of the evils of social media. I am not going to provide you with a list of pretentious fools who I think have gotten too big for their britches either.

Those posts are as we used to say, ‘played out.’

They are old and tired, or maybe I am the one who is old and tired. Who can remember.

What I can tell you is that I have been playing around with starting my own blog awards “program.”

Why Would I Do This?

Several years ago I started a weekly round up of posts from the dad blogosphere that I called Festival of The Fathers. I thought it was a good way to highlight interesting posts and share some link love and I thought it might lead to more traffic.

It didn’t.

I didn’t set it up with a “linky” or anything like that and because I did all the work of gathering the posts it rarely received any exposure from other bloggers.

Anyhoo, the other day I was thinking about this blog and the 873 others I write for and decided it was time to evaluate things again and figure out if I should shut down one or more of them.

It would make it easier to focus on the “important stuff,” like writing my books and focusing upon things that pay the bills. While lost in my musings it occurred to me that creating my own blog awards might present an interesting way to grow the blog.

Explosive Growth Based On A Joke

Many if not most bloggers are interested in growing their readership. Quite a few will fight to win an award, even if it is based on the “popular vote” and not “merit.”

In concept I could create a Social Media Blog Awards Contest that required all of the entrants to link to my blog in some fashion. Build this sucker properly and you can generate a boatload of back links and a bunch of new subscribers.

Since this was based on a tongue-in-cheek idea I thought about using some variation of “The Biggest Liar In Social Media Blog Awards.”

It would be a fabulously successful production that would lead to massive exposure, a book deal and would change my life forever.

Picture for a moment me sitting with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel on the TheJackB Variety special talking about how TheJackB line of clothing is more popular than Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

I’d be erudite, witty and exceptionally entertaining, really I am pretty damn funny sometimes and humble too.

Imagine the pride you would feel because you could say you knew me way back when.

Instead Of a Trophy You’ll Get

Instead of a trophy you’ll get a clown fish or perhaps a visit from an angry monkey, the details still have to be worked out.

Hell, I am getting all kinds of excited just thinking about the possibilities. If I turn thought into action and possibility into opportunity I might be able to tell you whether you need a huge audience to be successful in social media.

The BLSMBA (now that is a mouthful) could be my ticket. It would take more work than buying fans and followers on Fiverr but not as much as “bribing” readers with cool the opportunity to win cool prizes.

Oops, did I say bribe. Someone tell the FTC that I always disclose and that I brush my teeth twice a day.

Stay tuned my friends because there is more to come but I am not going to share that with you now because like every good writer/performer I want to leave you out of breath and begging for more.

See you in the comments.

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