The Fool’s Guide For Dealing With Idiots

The Story of Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a young child two of my favorite books were The Story of Ferdinand and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I loved sitting on the couch listening to my mother read these stories to me and even now, if  she thinks I am having a bad day she will sometimes offer to read them.

It makes me laugh and I usually tell her that it was much more effective when I was small enough to curl up against her and not the reverse. One time when I said that she took my right hand and placed it against hers.

She didn’t say anything, but I know she was remembering when the meat paw that swallowed hers was small enough to fit in her palm.

The Fool’s Guide For Dealing With Idiots

Been stuck in a rough patch as of late and have found it more challenging to do the simple things I want to do.  Stuff that should be easy is not and people that were pleasant are less than kind.

And for a while like Ferdinand I smiled at it all, shrugged my shoulders and let it slip like water off a duck’s back. If you were a pain-in-my-ass I just smiled because I knew that it was just a blip and then it would be gone.’

But something changed, something happened or maybe something snapped and now it is different.

Now I need to remind myself to read the fool’s guide for dealing with idiots. That is because for whatever reason the idiot has gotten the fool’s attention and once you manage to make me focus that particular baleful glare upon you my desire is to throw you under the bus, shift into reverse to run you over again and then drop you in a pit of acid.

Blame the acid pit on all of the horror movies I have seen, if you don’t take extreme measure Jason comes back to life and starts chopping people down.

Mentally Fatigued

Since I foolishly chose to engage I have wasted time and energy upon people who don’t deserve it and the net result is that I blame myself for the knots in stomach and shoulders and the restless sleep.

They may have picked the fight and encouraged me to call down the thunder and though part of me revels in battle I am mentally fatigued. I lack the energy to do what really needs to be done and I am disappointed in myself.

I read my personal and professional words and shake my head because normally I am very good at recharging my batteries and getting things turned around but this particular moment feels eternal and though I know it is not I am irritated.

Thus the vicious circle is complete.

Lie Down or Move Forward

I have given myself two choices, the same I always offer to my children when things get rough. You can lie down or move forward and lying down isn’t an option.

There is no pleasure in out maneuvering the idiot because most are dumb enough to provide ample opportunity to do so but there is no reason to wade through the crap they are flinging so I am working on climbing out of the hole and just doing what needs to be done.

Got to run now, it is time to move forward and pretend to be the hero, I am done playing Ferdinand and unwilling to be Alexander any longer.

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  1. Rebecca Todd June 27, 2013 at 5:01 am

    Ferdinand was always one of my favourites, too. Go forth and kick ass.

  2. Julie Barrett June 27, 2013 at 3:30 am

    Change your mind, change your life. Right?

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