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M*A*S*H Set in Malibu Creek State Park

The nameless faces people refer to as they say that life can turn on a dime and experience has confirmed that for me. I have loved and lost, lived, laughed and learned.

People who meant the world to me have passed through my life and shared moments in time that were precious and some that were painful.

That is because life is bittersweet, emphasis on the sweet part of course. There have been moments where it has been harder to focus on the sweet because things have happened that have made me shake my head in wonder,

There have been moments where I wondered why life thought the best way to teach me something was to shove something sharp and barbed into a place that wasn’t mean to receive such a gift and moments where I felt like I had total clarity and understanding of everything.

Now Is When

Now is when I am focused upon because the transition into the next place has begun. In a few days your old friend Jack will leave Texas and head back to Los Angeles.

Babe I’M Gonna Leave You is playing on iTunes and if you believe music sends a message then maybe these lyrics are appropriate.  Or maybe they aren’t, maybe there is better, something that is clearer, cleaner and more obvious.

Maybe it is fate that Coming Round Again is playing now or maybe it is just coincidence and who am I to wonder or worry about such things because none of them changes this moment and the need to do what has to be done versus the desire to do what I want.

Always hard to try to figure out which is which and to do the right thing, the responsible thing. Frustrating sometimes to be placed in positions where you think you have found the answer to want and need but you can’t act upon it because life requires something different from you.

Yet if I have learned anything from having lived a bit it is that you have to play these things out. You have to be willing to take that extra step and to work just that much harder than the other guy and if you do those things you find out the answers.

Answers are what we always seek, even if we don’t admit, acknowledge or realize that we even have questions.

This Post Won’t Go Viral

All around me I keep hearing and seeing more stuff about the impact of Google on search and how the new change has impacted things. I write posts about how become a better writer and/or talk about comments and comment systems and wonder what I am doing.

Wonder because I hate so much of that content. It is stale. It is sterile and it is boring.

Yet I write it sometimes because it is a guaranteed source of traffic and I seem to require that more than I openly admit. Yet I look at some of my favorite posts I remember that I need to focus on stories and posts that fill my soul and make my heart smile.

Call it melodramatic or hyperbole and I will roll my eyes at you, if I acknowledge you at all.

It is because that kind of writing is what interests me most. It is because stories about people are where I am centered. People are endlessly fascinating and not just to me but to tons of readers.

So if the goal is to generate fans and grow a base of readers who can’t get enough of you than one way to do so is to write about people in a way that allows for others to connect.

I Hate Packing & I Hate Waiting

Not a fan of packing and definitely not a fan of waiting for the big moment.  It feels like this giant thing is hanging over my head and I am sick of feeling it there.

I need to move things along because I can’t move from this moment of transition into the next chapter until that movement happens and it feels like I am treading water.

It reminds me of a fight out on the school yard where the two of you circle each other, doing things to try and work up the courage to hit the other guy.

Well, I didn’t always wait. Sometimes when I saw the opening I punched him in the mouth because the anticipation was killing me. Got a couple more days and then comes the big roundhouse.

I feel unsettled, but that won’t last for much longer.

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