What Is The Best Use Of Your Time


There is no punctuation in the headline because I don’t know if it is a question, statement or comment. Blame it upon this being one of those days where it feels like I am crawling through mud.

Took a look a short while ago at some old pictures and cringed because when I see what I looked like then and think about now I want to know what the hell happened.

But the truth is I know exactly what happened and exactly how to fix the issues I see.

The bigger question is will I make effective use of my time to make those corrections and the sad answer is…maybe.

How Do We Spend Our Time?

I have been disappointed with the reflection in the mirror more than once and had ample opportunity to do something about it yet I haven’t. Maybe it is inertia, maybe it is because any discomfort or embarrassment wears off quickly or maybe it is just laziness.

The bottom line right now is that I haven’t chosen to spend time adjusting my eating and exercise habits to correct these things. Been too hard to fix the diet and too easy to enjoy the foods I love.’

Sitting here at the computer isn’t helping it. Not fixing any of these issues and in some cases it is probably exacerbating them.

Circle around to social media and I have to ask my standard question of what am I getting out of it. One part of the answer is a paycheck and that is necessary and beneficial.

The second part is pleasure and that is necessary and beneficial too.

The third part is lazier and that is not good on any level.

Sitting at the computer each day for look is something I have to do, but I need to find a way to adjust how I spent my time.

Attitude Adjustment

Maybe it is a matter of adjusting my attitude and deciding that it is not too hard to change my diet and to do more running. Not a fan of running which is part of why I play basketball because I don’t mind it during the game.

Could be something I adjust, my thoughts about running that is. Or maybe it is just a matter of increasing the amount of walking I do. Maybe the thing to do is to agree to adjust my schedule so that I have more time for walking.

Tired of not liking the way I look and of clothes not fitting the way I want them to. Tired of thinking about what I looked like at 30 and how I look now.

The best use of my time is adjusting my thoughts and doing something about my actions.

What about you?

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