How Do You Fix A Broken Blog?

Angry Man! / Spew Love

The guy with the sign cracks me up, fits my sense of humor. However at the moment I am looking for my sense of humor because there are some issues here that are making me crazier than I am normally am.

If you are one of the lucky few that heard The Three Things Podcast or listened to The Broken Blog Podcast you’d know we are working through a few issues here.

And you’d appreciate why I wish I could punch the computer in the mouth and kick the blog in the ass.

Technology and I are at odds and nothing is working. I have spoken nicely to it, told it how very smart and handsome it is but to no avail.

When flattery didn’t work I tried coercion and that didn’t work either. So now I am prostrate upon the floor begging the tech gods to take mercy upon me.

I Like Learning By Doing

This is not the first time the blog has been broken or I have had some sort of tech issue and I am certain it won’t be the last. Most of the time I am able to figure out a solution via Google.

I enjoy that. I like learning by doing but this time around it has been more challenging for a host of reasons not the least of which is I don’t have time for this.

And now I am going to go ask the Magic 8 ball for its help because surely a powerful object such as that can help me.

What about you? How do you fix a broken blog?

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