Sometimes It Feels Like Technology Is Mocking Me

Mexico-3070 - Comalcalco - the only Mayan Brick Pyramid

Sometimes it feels like technology is mocking me and I am not quite sure how to respond. Unless I slept for a hell of a lot longer than I thought I did Skynet hasn’t arrived, HAL isn’t here and artificial intelligence hasn’t reached a place where computers can mock a person on their own.

There are moments where the computer stops working and I cant figure out why and then after much cursing, crying and begging it magically begins working again.

Can’t explain how or why it suddenly works, I just know it does.

The blog does the same thing. I get notices that it has gone down and when I try to figure out why I am left baffled and then just as suddenly as it went down it goes back up.

Fourteen Greatest Villains in Literature

Several hours ago my doppelganger provided a partial list of the Fourteen Greatest Villains in Literature. He  listed Goldielocks, The Von Trapp Family, Red Riding Hood and Dorothoy from the Wizard of Oz as being among those villains and I applaud him.

Had I more coffee in me I might add to the list Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre and the simply awful Scrappy Doo. Yeah, I know that we are talking about a cartoon character but that freaking mutt is evil incarnate. Dude reminds me of the evil Elf on The Shelf.

Some of you are horrified by this and are probably curious as to why I would pick these people. Well the answer is you never know who is masquerading as good but is positively evil.

Dads and Daughters

Little button nose, big brown eyes, freckles and black hair looks up at me and stares.

“Dad, I don’t know where your parents went wrong with you, but it happened. Fortunately I love you and I can fix the mistakes.”

I don’t know what mistakes she is talking about or how this is supposed to work but I know that this girl has her ideas about things and some times they are funny stories and sometimes I don’t tell them for my own safety.

Really, one day she’ll be older than 9.5 going on 30 and she might kill me then. Hell, that girl of mine has already mastered the female look of death.

Her older brother asked me a few hours ago how she got to be so good at making us feel bad with just a look and I just shrugged my shoulders at him.

“It doesn’t get any easier or any better when girls get older, especially if you really like them.”

He asks me what I mean by that and I just laugh.

“You’ll see.”

 Walking In Mud

Been  quite a day here and I can’t come up with a better description than it has been a “walking in mud” kind of day. The kind of day where you feel like every time you step your leg sinks into the muck until you are waist deep and it takes real effort to pull it out and move forward.

Every step is earned and every move is only managed through sheer will.

And that my friends is why I am ending this post now because it has given me just enough time to catch my breath and prepare to wade through the swamp one more time.

Maybe I’ll see you back here a bit later and maybe it will be in the company of a new post.

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