The Grinch Is My Hero

English: A sand sculpture of the Dr. Seuss cha...

English: A sand sculpture of the Dr. Seuss character The Grinch, in Key West, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My head aches, my heart hurts and my eyes sting but I am still standing.

Actually things aren’t nearly as bad as that line makes them sound but I am exhausted in almost every way a man can be. Part of it is because I didn’t get to play ball this week or last and the lack of my second favorite exercise always impacts my mood.

But for those few of you reading these words on December 24 or 25th let me clarify that the Grinch is my hero and has been for years. There is something about that guy that scratches me right where I itch and a smart man pays attention to those things.

A Jew On Christmas

Some may ask what a Jew does on Christmas. You’ll probably hear the traditional answer of order Chinese and or go to the movies but me, well I am not doing either tonight.

Had Chinese earlier this week and unless I find a few more hours in the day I will probably spend a significant amount of time writing.

Found myself reading A Fool Frolics Freely and decided that I need to do something more with that.

This year proved that I still know things and that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and today of all days proved that just when it seems you have seen virtually everything that can happen, well you haven’t.

I can’t say more than that because there are boundaries in blogging and only a fool ignores them. I may be a fool who frolics freely but I am not a stupid fool.

Is that redundant?

Really, a stupid fool sounds redundant to me but what the hell do I know, my brain is spent today.

Confession time

I am not one of those members of the tribe who secretly loves and listens to Christmas music. Please don’t misunderstand that to mean that I dislike it because that is not what I am saying either.

It falls into the same category as Chanukah music to me. I can listen to the songs a few times and then I am good for the season but the problem is all of this music is over played and it doesn’t take long for me to want to scream after I hear a few bars of it.

But old Jack Steiner must confess that he enjoys listening to Do they Know it’s Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984.

I don’t own it but if it comes on the radio and it always does I usually listen once or twice. Got some fond memories from that time and it just brings some of them back.

Although I need to add that it feels a bit strange to say 1984 and realize that more than a couple of years have passed.

I remember watching that Apple Commercial that aired during the Superbowl and wondering if in a couple of years we’d look at George Orwell’s story as being quaint.

Great Googly Moogly

Well dear reader I just received a telephone call that truly made my head spin so I am going to end this post here and now. Got to go process what I just heard and figure out what the hell just happened.

Someone thank the universe for helping me to live in interesting times because things just got…weird.

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