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Have you noticed how tame the headlines have become here lately? You haven’t seen anything like How I Became A Serial Killer- Or The Headline You Hate or Mom Bloggers Are More Fun Because They Put Out until tonight, or this morning/afternoon/whatever.

Not sure why that is or if there is any rhyme or reason to it because I don’t use an editorial calendar and I rarely write down a list of ideas for posts.

Most of the time I just write whatever I feel like writing about regardless of what the headline says.

Yeah, I know that it makes some people crazy but this place isn’t for everyone. I write first for me and then for you and ultimately you benefit because if I am entertained there is a much better chance you will be too.

Parenting Teenagers

The kid who first made me a father turned 13 and had his Bar Mitzvah. Little mister, the one who helped make me a blogger by asking me not to die and who helped provide endless blog fodder is 13 and is now according to him, his sister and cousins…a teenager.

Kind of interesting to realize that I am old enough to legitimately have a teen. No one looks at me and wonders if I got my high school girlfriend pregnant or makes any sort of comment about me being too young to have a teen.

Most of the my contemporaries have kids who are younger so I get a few trailblazer questions and lately a lot of “tell me about how you planned for the Bar Mitzvah” stuff but no, “damn you look too young to have a teen.”

That is ok with me, I don’t really mind it too much. Not real keen on the hair loss and not thrilled about the metabolism, but I am not really interested in being 25 again.

I like it in concept but I don’t think in execution all of which brings me back to the teen thing. That son of mine likes to tell me that the world was different when I was his age and I like to say, “only to a point.”

Technology has changed but people haven’t.

I could tell him about the things that happened here and he would understand much of it. And though he is reluctant to talk about it the ‘girl stuff’ is no different now than it was in my day.

Technology has impacted some of it, but the basic and fundamental things haven’t changed.

Change Happens

A year ago I spent this time preparing to move to Texas and wondering what it would be like. I had very vague ideas about it all and tried to keep an open mind.

I couldn’t be happier that I took a chance and made the move because overall it has been nothing but positive and the effect is going to be life changing.

It is the kind of teaching moment that I will share with my children over and over again. It is important they see there are benefits to stepping outside of our comfort zones.

And especially now that little mister isn’t quite so little any more I like being able to show him the importance and benefits of being your own man.

But in spite of being able to show him the positive side it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some push back and concern about what this means for the future,

Part of me feels badly because when my father had the same job for 38 years. I never worried about moving or big changes. I knew where I lived and it was easy to plan for for the future.

I haven’t been able to give that same gift to my kids. Doesn’t mean that I think of myself as a bad father because I don’t, but I do wish I could have done a few things differently to make the road a little less bumpy than it has been sometimes.

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