Lessons Learned Driving Through The Desert

It took twenty-one hours to drive from Fort Worth, Texas back to Los Angeles and the whole time I was in the car I wondered if I was heading the wrong direction.

Listened to The Ecstasy of Gold as I drove through the desert and did my best to clear my head and just let life happen because it felt like I had been stuck in a moment that I couldn’t get out for years.

Felt like life had been a loop with me starring in Groundhog Day and that I was coming out of it and entering a new place, but only if I let go and let things happen.

Saw the movie yesterday and can say that I loved it but I can’t tell you exactly why. It touched a part of me, reached out to the dreamer and to the guy who got behind the wheel to drive across the country and back and realized that I am not done traveling.

I am in a familiar and yet unfamiliar place where I am stuck between moments.

Been trying to think about how to explain this to the kids and what my obligations to them are. It is an interesting conundrum parents face

Standing on ground that isn’t always stable while peering through the fog while you try to figure the best way to guide your children across.

It can be one hell of an experience trying to figure out what the right path is. Not talking about morals, laws or any sort of ethical position at all.

Those sorts of things tend to be quite easy to teach and guide, but it is the other stuff that gets crazy.


I know of families that intentionally live in small apartments because they prefer to spend their money on traveling around the world. They have taken their children all over the globe and intend to do all they can to continue to do so.

Others focus their energy and money on one or all of the following sports/dance/education. I can give you a list of reasons why people do what they do and share some of the pros/cons but so much of this becomes an exercise in subjectivity.

These few words aren’t meant to provide you with a guide. If anything it is just some insight into my thought process and at best this will give you a quick snapshot.

Education is a big push for me because it is something that can’t be taken away from you. I am a fan of experiences and living life too so some of my focus is upon finding the best way to provide that for my children.

So maybe what I am saying is that I am shooting for a balance between the two and giving the kids the courage to step outside of their comfort zones so that they don’t miss out on some of those experiences.

What The Desert Taught Me

That is a big part of what the desert taught me. There were other lessons and stories that were gained through it. I think that is part of why I enjoyed Mitty because every time he zoned out I thought, “I do that too” but the question I ask myself is if I am willing to let those moments of zone out stay as dreams or if they become the springboard to reality.

2014, the springboard into the future when possibility becomes opportunity.

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  1. Kristen Daukas January 6, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    In a perfect world, I could give my kids the big house, the big education and the big experiences. But it’s not a perfect world so I give them a safe home, a good education and incredible experiences. I’ve mentioned that I’m looking forward to the youngest finally finding out about Santa because as soon as that happens, the “gifts” stop and the family holiday trips begin. Because they’ll never remember the chachka they got on Christmas in 2014 but they WILL remember the family trip to wherever we decide to go. Stay true my friend. Just like I know you will.

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