Bloggers Are “Still” Narcissists



I am not sorry to say I hold a grudge. Ok, that is not entirely true, I want to say I am enlightened enough to say I am sorry I hold a grudge but that isn’t true.

I am not and I do.

There is a simple explanation for why, who and what grinds away at the gears inside my head. Most of the time I don’t think about these people because thought is more than they deserve and I won’t give them space inside my head rent free.

But every now and then something happens and they gain a moment of daylight and daylight is what generated this moment. Word got back to me about things that were said recently.

Bloggers Are Narcissists

If you want to know more about why Bloggers Are Narcissists you are welcome to click that link and read the post. Go on now, we will wait for you.

There should never be a time when we celebrate when we can say a daughter is a bigger bitch than their mother. That is not just tragic but a travesty of parenting, a fundamental breakdown.

I can’t blame the child for being born into a family where the father is a dolt and the mother is under the misguided impression that her husband’s bank account has any relationship to her IQ.

Unfortunately they surround themselves with like minded individuals who believe that money grants them intelligence and insight they do not have and wisdom they may never obtain.

Sadly all that cash hasn’t been used to purchase any compassion or recognition to distinguish between what is given and what is earned.

Did I mention there is no love lost between them and I? Or that I could sum much of it up by sharing a ‘graph from the old post.

It would give me a good excuse to tell you about how I told one of the husbands that I am not intimidated by a “lick it around the edges girl” and her husband “ride me Sheldon.” But as you can see I don’t need an excuse to work that into the story nor do I need to fabricate a reason to tell you that he told me that some people are fucked and others are fuckers. If I did I would have to relate the entire tale of my snottiness including the part where I told him that I don’t engage in pissing contests with men who don’t wear an extra large condom.

Middle School Monstrosities & Content Marketing

Many people have asked me to tell them what kind of blogger I am. I am not bound by one niche. You’ll find plenty of dad blogger material here as well as posts about the business side of marketing/writing and social media.

You’ll also find fiction.

Sometimes I wish these stories about other parents and children were fiction because I  wish my children didn’t have to put up with some of the crap that people fling.

The stories above were tied into parents I encountered through school and soccer, mostly for my daughter. I am unfiltered most of the time but I was cautious in my approach because I didn’t want my daughter to be punished for my tongue. I didn’t want her to miss out on parties and such.

I did the same for my son.

Been thinking about him quite a bit because he is smack in the middle of middle school and much of the drama and nonsense that comes with that time of life has hit.

Last night he told me he is concerned about losing his friend to girls. Apparently some of them are hooking up and instead of hanging out with the boys they are spending time with girls.

Of course these relationships last about ten minutes so the problem isn’t much of a problem. But I get it, I understand and I didn’t tell him that it is going to get worse.

Some time in the future some of the guys will have serious relationships and they’ll leave their friends for the girls. It is a normal/natural thing, part of growing up.

And tied into it all are the comments/questions and stories about how some of the friends are changing and growing apart. We have had a bunch of discussions about that and how it happens.

Better Than Me

You know what I really want to see happen for my kids? I want them to have more, do more and be more than I am. It wouldn’t hurt me a bit to see them be better than me.

Isn’t that what we want for our children?

But I am going to try hard to set the bar higher and higher. Going to do my best to make it hard but always remind them it is obtainable.

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  1. Sean February 26, 2014 at 8:50 am

    I always enjoy reading your work, Jack, perhaps because I often see my own struggles reflected in your stories. I’ve determined that the best way I can try to help my sons become better men than I am is to ensure that many of the comments in my head don’t come out my mouth. That way, maybe the the terrible, crass things will never even enter their minds…or so I hope.

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