3 Ways To Make Money While Blogging From The Bathroom


Here is the “definition’ of a crisis.

The Shmata Queen and I are usually in sync regarding our definitions about what is important, what isn’t and what truly can be described as a crisis.

I haven’t had a conversation with my queen about this picture but I am willing to bet she’d agree that picture represents a crisis. Unless you happen to have access to a pine cone or some half eaten corn on the cob.

Many years ago I told her I would find a way to make money from blogging and I did, I do and I have.

3 Ways To Make Money While Blogging From The Bathroom

Don’t ask me to share my secrets with you because that would wreck my ability to sell you an ebook about 3 Ways To Make Money While Blogging From The Bathroom. It is sure to be a winner and the best $19.95 you ever spent.

Ok, it might not be the best but it won’t be the worst for certain because I can assure you there other people out there selling ebooks that will make you wonder why you didn’t pay someone to just hit you in the head with a baseball bat.

Ok, I suppose that I shouldn’t just tease you and that it is only fair for me to provide you with some proof that I can deliver.

So here is a brief taste of what you can expect to find within. Make people feel wanted, valued and respected.

Provide value in your interactions with them personally and professionally and you’ll find that people are happy to spend time with you and or patronize your business.

People Remember How You Made Them Feel

Five years ago a good friend told me that one of our mutual friends said I sucked the life out of the room.

It was in reference to a party I had been at. It is possible that it was accurate. It is possible that I did suck the life out of the room.

I can be very intense and during that particular time I had been laid off and was fighting not to lose my home and to keep my family clothed and fed.

My recollection is of an awful moment in time, one where I felt like I was barely keeping it together.

That comment has stuck with me.

I never asked who said it because I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to go confront a friend and ask them why they never bothered to ask me if I was ok.

It bothers me because if you are part of my circle and I see you struggling I will ask you if I can help. Maybe I can’t do anything but listen, but I’ll offer.

They never bothered to ask and they made a snarky comment behind my back. I haven’t forgotten. I don’t know exactly who said it but I have my suspicions.

It is part of why I don’t hang out with some people very often at all anymore.

That is probably not fair because not everyone at this party said it and the person who did might not have meant it to be interpreted as I have.

But people remember how you make them feel and even someone like me who has a thicker skin has moments where their feelings are hurt.

Be A Better Friend

What I took from it was the opportunity to make it a teaching moment and to talk to my children about being a better friend. I told them it is better to have a few good friends that are reliable than a bunch who can be flaky.

Say what you mean, do what you say you will and be reliable.

That is solid advice you can use personally and professionally.

The world is full of good people but it has its share of flakes too. Life is too short to hang out with the flakes and we work too damn hard to do business with flakes. People will remember how you made them feel.

3 Ways To Make Money While Blogging From The Bathroom

Do you really want to know 3 ways to make money while blogging from the bathroom?

That headline is two parts snarky and one part serious.

I can give you some ideas. I can point you in the right direction. We can talk about how to find sponsorships and or talk about advertising.

Start by reading 83,168 Mistakes Every Writer Makes or if you don’t care about making money through blogging let me make you smile. Read The Joy of How To Play With Telemarketers.

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