69 Reasons Link Bait Is Good For Sex And Blogging

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There is moment when the sun and the moon exchange places that I never tire of. It is that time where the two of them do a sort of awkward dance where they can’t figure out who should be standing where so they sort of both stay where they are and the sky is a mix of light and dark.

Someone once told me that is the moment called twilight and I asked them how they knew. It was a serious question, no insouciance or sarcasm attached. No attempt be Bud Abbot to their Lou Costello I wasn’t playing word games about who was on first.

If Comments Are Dead…

Someone told me my headlines are off putting and that this is why my blog posts don’t receive more comments. I told them to never mistake what they put in their mouth for a hot dog or chew toy and they would receive more return visits. When they asked me if I was intentionally trying to be rude I suggested they ask the same question of themselves.

I always find it interesting to see how some people can be rude and insensitive and then shocked when you mirror their behavior.

Ok, I might have been a tad nicer in how I replied but since they chose to introduce themselves by way of critical criticism I chose to respond in kind and with ardor.

But I didn’t tell them I would type slowly or suggest they use a dictionary to look up words like ardor or deleterious. However I did concede I responded to their deleterious comment with ardor.

Speaking of comments if comments are dead how are we supposed to prove or measure engagement. Yeah that is a question and a statement.

Have I mentioned that lately I have been torn regarding where I wanted to focus? Haven’t quite decided yet how much time to spend blogging about blogging and writing about writing.

Couldn’t quite decide if I wanted to share more posts about social media but since I have been jammed for time I have run some older posts that fit the evergreen model.

You know, the topics that never get old that are read and written about repeatedly because bloggers never tire of reading about how to monetize their blogs and people who have trouble thinking about what to blog about never tire of writing about the low hanging fruit of the blogosphere known as how to blog.

A Dad Blogger Misses His Son

Steiner the elder is preparing to send his son off for a school trip and though the young master hasn’t left yet I miss him already. Yeah, I may be an ornery old cuss about some things but the kids usually pull out the softer side of me.

That kid of mine is heading out at first light for parts known and unknown. I am excited for him and expect he’ll have  great trip but he is not so sure.

Mister isn’t quite the adventurer I am…yet.

Truth is he didn’t want to go but I pushed him to step outside of his comfort zone because that is how possibility is formed and possibility leads to opportunity.

Earlier he and I had a long talk about the merit of blazing your own trail and of taking life by the horns so that you live as opposed to just watch things pass you by.

When life gets hard some people lie down and curl up in a fetal position but that is not an option for us.

69 Reasons Link Bait Is Good For Sex And Blogging

I learned long ago that there is no single path to success in blogging and social media. There is no one way to do this and if you want to make some noise you have to be willing to check out the path not taken.

That is because the blogosphere is cluttered, chaotic and noisy so if you want to get some attention you have to figure out how to do it.

Sometimes I use link bait. Sometimes I am completely unfiltered. Some times I think about using headlines that are even more outlandish.

Would 59 ways to give better head be more effective or should it be 98 Ways to Convince Your Wife To Sexually Satisfy you be better.

The point isn’t really to shock people but to find your voice and to stick to it. If you run this race like the marathon it is and you have fun you’ll last longer and you’ll find readers that want to hang out with you.

And that my friends is all I have to say for now. Got to get some shut eye so that I can get the young mister to his destination, morning comes far too soon.

See you in the comments.

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