When Did Dad Become Walter Mitty?

2011 April 30 Mitty (43)

Is that dad or is dad day dreaming again.

The first time we went cliff diving I made the mistake of looking down before I jumped so instead of launching myself into space I worried about what might happen if I didn’t develop wings, the water below dried up or if a strong wind suddenly blew me off course.

It frustrated me so the next time I made a point to climb, take two steps and leap. I can assure you all went well and that I have the full use of all of my limbs.

I can also assure you that I have done many other dumb brave things in my life and that when I call myself The Greatest Dad Blogger Of Them All it is a mix of SEO, tongue-in-cheek and narishkeit.

Cliff Diving and Big Decisions

Ask those who know me best and they will tell you that I have a plan for many different situations. They’ll tell you I am confident that I could beat a gorilla, rhino, elephant and great white shark in combat.

Don’t ask when you’d see that sort of combination or how the shark would work with his teammates just submit and accept I have a plan and it will work.

Those aforementioned Steiner experts might tell you that I can tell a tale under any circumstances and any situation but that they often pop up when I am feeling some stress.

My current stress is related to trying to figure out how to find the best school for my children. My thought is to move us back to Texas because I can provide a better life for us there.

I love Los Angeles but the cost of living has made it very challenging to live as I wish and so Texas seems to be a suitable option. I lived there for a good long while and have a feel for things. I like it and I can see us there.

However the area I know best is not where I think I want us to live so the question is what part of town should I focus on and how do I identify the best schools for them?

Once I know that it is easier to look for housing, note I said easier because the truth is I have been looking. I figure there is no harm in starting earlier.

It feels a lot like cliff diving to me. I am standing on the edge of the rock trying to make certain I make a perfect decision and not taking action with the knowledge that I am not operating blindly.

George RR Martin is one of my favorite authors and it was with great pleasure that I started watching Game of Thrones on HBO. I felt relatively confident they would be true to the books and that I wouldn’t be one of those people who went nuts if they adjusted the story.

One of the many reasons I like him is because his stories are complex and he is not afraid to mess with a hero. He is not afraid to go after main characters and do nasty things to them.

Life can be like that. The hero doesn’t always win, unless we are talking about me in one of my Mitty moments.

The Arrogance of Parents

Sometimes I listen to parents talk about how they are sending their kid to the best public/private school and I roll my eyes because it is hard to listen to them talk about how the school is going to ensure that little Johnny becomes successful.

Or alternatively to listen to them tell me how an inferior different school means Johnny will fail because ultimately so much depends upon the child.

We can give them tools and resources but they have to be willing to use them. They have to be willing to take advantage of them.

So I look at my kids and think about how resourceful they can be, especially when pushed and wonder if I am spending too much time standing on that cliff looking down.

Avast maties - The "Black Pearl" is in port.

The Dread Pirate Roberts is about to set sail.

There will be plenty of time to think about these things later. The Dread Pirate Roberts is about to set sail and time for school talk is done. Argggh!

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  1. Larry May 28, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Your title is appropriate. Let me explain. I am literally on the youtube site seeing if the movie is out there. I was looking for a short story to teach my 10th graders that has a movie version and came upon Walter Mitty.

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