What Happens When Your Kid Is A Jerk?

I think a horse passed this way

It is considered bad form to try and help your child deal with a jerk by forcing the jerk to use his tongue to clean a bridge filled with horse shit so I suppose I won’t try it.

My own mother always advised I consider the feelings of other and that I think about how I would feel if I were the one being treated a certain way.

Someone ring her up and tell her I am sure I would be furious if some grownup forced one of my kids to use their tongue to clean the bridge and then I’ll explain why I want to take said kid by the scruff of his neck.

It is not just because he is a jerk but because he is a jerk to my kids and has been for two years now.

What Happens When Your Kid Is A Jerk?

I hope I never find out that my kid is being a jerk to other people. I hope they are always civil and that they mind their own business because if I found out otherwise I would be upset.

Some parents live with their heads in the clouds and or intentional blinders but not me. I pay attention and I recognize that my kids are human and sometimes human beings do stupid crap. Believe me, I have done my share.

But I also know that my kids know better and the reports I get from school and other parents make it pretty clear that they are good kids. Not to mention the number of invitations they receive to spend time with friends or go to parties.

Don’t misunderstand that last line, I am not saying my kids are the most popular. I doubt they are and no one in this house cares about that.

Anyhoo I heard today about an incident at camp between my son and another boy. They had problems last year. The other boy had problems with my daughter and other kids too.

Rumor is that he is troubled.

But what I don’t know is if his parents know that their really tall boy is acting like an entitled jerk. Last summer I let a lot of this go because I wanted my kids to figure it out.

Since I didn’t hear about anything I thought was too hard for them to deal with I stood back. I paid attention, but I stood back.

Well today I decided I am not holding back for long this time. The camp director is going to hear from me and if that doesn’t work I’ll call this kid’s parents.

Some Things Never Change

My understanding is this boy tried to physically move my son today. I told my son to explain to this kid that he isn’t allowed to put his hands on him and then if he continues I will support stronger measures.

It sounds ridiculous but in my day if you put your hands on another guy you did so knowing it might lead to a more aggressive response and sometimes it did.

The kids have heard me tell them stories about some of the jerks of my past. Most of those stories have been censored because I don’t really want them getting into some of the crap I did in large part because I don’t want them getting hurt.

But also because now they expel you from school and sometimes bring legal measures to bear and I don’t think any of us really need to deal with that crap, especially when the cause is usually so damn stupid.

Still a part of me wants to show my son a couple of tricks to use on this other kid because I know if he kicked him in the balls and punched him in the throat this crap would end.

This other boy is acting like a jerk in part because he towers over my son but what he doesn’t know is that Steiner the minor is starting to fill out a bit and there is real muscle there.

I know because when Steiner the minor and I wrassle it is not so easy to win any more. If I don’t put real effort into it I can’t win and I love that.

The Camp Director’s Turn

I suppose for now we’ll see if the camp director can fix this. That would be the ideal solution. A couple of words from him and the other boy will keep his hands to himself and be civil.

Got to run for now, I have to look for a bridge horses cross just in case I need it down the line. 😉

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  1. Sebastian Aiden Daniels June 18, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Hopefully this issue was resolved. I agree that in today’s world it can be dangerous to tell your child to defend himself because the other parent might be ridiculous and file a lawsuit.

    If only things were as easy as when Johnny Depp was growing up. He said his mom told him(I’m quoting this from memory), “If a bigger kid is picking on you, here is a rock.”

  2. Larry June 17, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    Two years is ridiculous!
    The camp director should do something about this.
    I agree w/you. A properly placed punch can do the trick sometimes.

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