The Places We’ll Go

I know how to use words to tell a story and I know that a picture is worth a 1000 words so what you see in this post might be considered a 10,000 word plus tale about the places we’ll go.

If you click on the photos they should turn into a slideshow but know before you do that some of what you see is the actual place I want to take you and that some is a symbol or photographic representation of a place or idea I want to share with you.

Ask me to talk with you about my dreams and one of them is to become a better storyteller not just for professional but personal reasons.

It is both craft and compulsion and that is part of why I want to learn how to weave images and music into the tales I try to tale. I need to try and show you what it is I see and what it is I feel but always with the understanding I will fail more than I succeed.

Dance In The Fire For However Long It Takes

You may not ask or want me to dance in the fire but I will do it for however long it takes because it is my choice to do so and I will not allow someone else to make this decision for me.

Some decisions are far too personal in nature. Some are tied into who we are at our core and you cannot remove them without tearing out the foundation that makes us who we are.

And this I suppose is tied into the structure of the places we’ll go because life is about sharing experiences with people and creating moments in time that you can enjoy while they happen as well as afterwards.

Sometimes people ask me if I understand the difference between now and then because they wonder if I am lost reliving the Glory Days but I don’t think they always recognize my ability to do both.

I can look back and enjoy what I have been through and still be aware that was then and this is now. Sometimes is the ability to look back that provides the layer that enables me to appreciate what is happening now.

When you have been through challenges it makes whatever you have obtained because of them sweeter.

It is all tied into why I sometimes roll my eyes when people talk to me about differences and how they impact who we are friends with and who we love.

Differences in opinions and beliefs are usually part of what make people interesting to me. Sure you can find beliefs I consider extreme and create situations that make it difficult or impossible for me to like someone but those are at the corners.

And the truth is I am judgmental and intolerant of much so I always notice when I accept someone for who they are and don’t care if they like every movie or musician I do.

Politics and religion or lack there of aren’t necessarily going to be the thing that pushes you away from me or makes me pull you closer.

Possibility Leads To Opportunity

Today I look for possibilities I can turn into opportunities and think about the adventures that are waiting to be had. I smile because I feel them waiting for me to notice them and think about the stories that will come from these moments.

Some of them will be things to be written about.  Maybe those tales will include pictures and a soundtrack to help you see what we saw or maybe they won’t.

That is because sometimes the very best stories are the ones you share with just one other person and never tell to another.

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  1. Michelle June 23, 2014 at 11:18 am

    I love this.

    And I love people’s stories. It satisfies the voyeur in me. 🙂

  2. Jamie Miles June 22, 2014 at 10:33 am

    I agree. It’s often the differences in people that interest me. And why people think as they do. There always is a reason usually. And I need to learn to be patient in my storytelling. I need to slow down in life to tell the story better.

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