The Secret To Life Is Not In This Post Or Is it…

The secret to life is not in this post but you might see it in that photograph. Can’t say you’d recognize it but I would argue until eternity that someone who saw it with me knows the answer to that secret.

Can’t say for certain if we really would argue about it, they might agree with everything I had to say. Wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they did but if they didn’t I’d say I know things and that sometimes you have to just submit and believe.

Sometimes that restless feeling that makes me want to hop in the car and just drive makes me want to change things here at the blog. I stumbled across this theme and I really like the clean look.

Can’t say I’ll make any changes here or do anything to try and make this joint look more like it, but I might.

I came across a post I wrote to my son on his 11th birthday and read it a couple of times. Mostly because I needed to remind myself about a few things that I passed along there.

Of course I stumbled onto two other posts that had messages that were relevant so I read them too and reminded myself to pay attention to the things I said there too.

Grown Ups Learn As We Go

When I was a kid I was certain grown ups had all the answers and that frustrated me because I thought it was unfair that kids weren’t given the keys to that particular kingdom of knowledge too.

It wasn’t until I became a grown up that I sat down and thought, ‘Fuck! They were telling the truth!

In case you are wondering that is probably damn close to being verbatim.

Don’t really know why I was shocked but the more I think about being in my early twenties the more I recognize how little I knew. Naive and ignorant I just stumbled through things and figured it out as I went.

Sometimes I look back at those days in frustration because I see how I could have done things differently and prevented some of my current frustration but then again maybe it is good that I didn’t.

Maybe I wouldn’t  be able to write as I do if I never suffered or felt pain. Maybe I wouldn’t have been able to relate to people the same way and pull upon their heart strings.

Or maybe I would have.

Maybe I would have figured it all out. Maybe it would all be different. Maybe I am full of it now.

What I am certain of is that life is better when you can spend it with people who care about you and who you care about.

My son swears he won’t ever get married and says he is certain girls are nothing but trouble. I tell him not to base his decisions upon little sisters but that is not really getting through right now and that is ok too.

Questions Some Bloggers Ask

Some bloggers try to figure out what their most popular posts are so they can write more that are like them.

I understand that. It makes sense to try to capitalize upon past success.  Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to. Better to work smarter and not harder.

Can’t speak for other bloggers here but I always want to try to figure out what my best posts are in my eyes as well as the readers. I want to know which ones I think are the best examples of my writing and then I want to study what I did well and try to do it again.

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing a good job of showing my kids how hard I work on some of my writing so that they I practice what I preach. I don’t want them to ignore my words because they hear me telling them what to do.

I want them to see me do it because it will be more powerful and more influential that way.

The Secret To Life Is Not In This Post Or Is it…

Sit down with me and ask me to speak honestly about the secret to life and I’ll repeat much of what I have said here. The depth may vary depending on how well I know you.

I share  quite a bit here but there are some things that are kept for myself or for a very small circle.

What I will repeat again is that I look at that picture as a symbol of a confirmation of beliefs. I see it as where I proved a few things that needed more than a “trust the gut” sort of ending.

And part of the reason I am frustrated is that I feel like I took ten steps forward and then 15 backwards.

Maybe it was necessary. Maybe it was a requirement for being able to take the next steps in my life but damn, it was painful.

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  1. Sebastian Aiden Daniels July 1, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    I’ve looked at the night sky so many times and have felt that I understood life and the thing that I understood was that nothing makes any fucking sense. 10 Steps forward 15 backwards 12 sideways 2 spins yourselfs around sounds like life to me.

    I can understand the reason why people look at their posts that are the “most popular”, but I know for me, I just try to write things that I’d enjoy or that I find it useful.

    • Jack July 3, 2014 at 11:50 am

      That is a good way to figure out what to write. It helps maintain your interest in what you are writing and that is critical because when the writer is bored the reader probably will be too.

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