Do You Dare To Ask The Important Questions?

The most important part of the castle is who shares it with you.

The most important part of the castle is who shares it with you.

I knew a boy who once asked a girl if she would dare to ask the most important questions about life. He listened to the Moody Blues sing Your Wildest Dreams and occasionally turned on All I Ask of You from Phantom of The Opera and wondered about the castle they had talked about building together.

He didn’t wonder or worry about whether it would happen because in his mind it was a question of when and not if. When she asked him how he knew he told her he simply knew things.

She said that it was a nice sentiment and suggested he live in the real world. He smiled and told her he could picture her walking upon the ramparts and asked her if she understood he would pull down the castle walls to get to her.

“Some people would call that scary and say it sounds like a stalker.”

He smiled again.

“And others would call it romantic. I don’t care what either think or say.”

She nodded her head and told him he was crazy and he said maybe she was too or that maybe they were the only sane people in a crazy world.

“Our time will come, just you watch.”

She nodded her head again and watched him drive away.

Do You Dare To Ask The Important Questions?

You can consider the top part to be the warm-up for this next section. It is the place where I take five minutes to share some notes I jotted down with you.

Do you dare to ask the important questions refers to the thoughts many of us have when we reach a certain age and a certain place in life.

I took five minutes to write the notes below because I wanted something raw and unedited. I didn’t want to try to portray myself as anything other than who I am.

A man who has lived long enough to learn a few things about himself and life but hasn’t done enough to be satisfied with what he has accomplished so far.

Truth is I would be very disappointed if at this young age I felt like I had done it tall. The world is much too big for me to say that.

So I like to think of what I have done thus far as part of the warm-up, sort of similar to the writing exercise I did in the first part of the post. It is all stream of consciousness and all part of me saying what do I need to do right now to take a good life and make it extraordinary.

What questions do I need to ask and then how do I respond to the answers I come up with.

“It is not a middle aged crisis, though some would call it that. The reason is it is not is it suggests a man running around doing all that he can to fight the inevitable, I am not fighting. I know exactly how old I am but I do not know just how far I can push myself.

I have an idea. I have a sense of it but I don’t really know.

Where is my place? Where do I belong? What is best for me?

These are questions I am asking now and things that I couldn’t have addressed before because I hadn’t had enough life experience to know the answers to them.

You may say I am being foolish when I say I don’t know how far I can push myself but I don’t. It is not ego speaking either. I know physically I can’t do as I once did but I don’t know what that really means. I don’t know what life would be like if I bore down and worked on changing my body so it resembled the one I had when I was 19.

It might sound silly to you. It might sound ridiculous but I know I can get that body back. It is a question of will desire and work.

But what I ask myself is do I need to do that? Is asking the question me trying to come up with an excuse not to work hard because even though I can get it back it won’t be exactly the same. The work to get there and recovery time are not going to be like they were.

What benefits are there from trying to do so? Is there is a middle ground that makes more sense to focus upon? What has prevented me from doing this?

And then in the other areas it is about looking at all I have done, all I have accomplished and all I want to do so that I can figure out what it means to be me as I am today and who I want to be in the future.”

More to come in a later post. This is too important to me not to revisit and too important to my children for me not to think and respond to.

Back to School night, calls, see you in the comment section.

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