Black Friday Bores Me

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I am tired of hearing about the holidays and have limited interested in all the assorted chaos and confusion.

Don’t feel like listening to people tell me about a fake war on Christmas or be told about how I just don’t get it because I am a White Male.

Don’t feel like telling you why that is all nonsense and how much I dislike the foolish conversation about White Male privilege because I don’t buy into most of what people are selling there.

If you talk to me about class warfare and the economic advantages/disadvantages people have I’ll engage with you because I see that as a huge issue.

Black Friday Bores Me

I tend to wish people Happy Holidays because I am interested in being more inclusive. As a child this time of year always made it clear to me I was part of a minority group.

Can’t tell you how many times I told other kids I didn’t celebrate Christmas and that I wasn’t bothered by it because Chanukah was enough for me.

My folks always made a point to make sure we were proud of who we were and that the world was big enough for people to have different beliefs. I have taught my kids the same. Always happy to spend time at my friends’ homes helping to decorate their trees but you’ll never find one in my home because it is not my holiday.

Black Friday bores me because my self worth isn’t built upon how much I have. Don’t need to have the best clothes or car to feel good about me. Don’t have to have the latest gadgets and gizmos to make my kids feel good or to prove I am a success.

It doesn’t just bore me, it disturbs me to see how we fill the heads of people with this idea that mass consumption of products has more meaning than I give it credit for.

Some people have suggested that if I had more disposable income I would feel differently but I am not convinced because I have had more. I have been in the position where I could play a little and buy what I wanted and didn’t need.

Need versus want is something I have spent hours thinking about. It is of paramount importance to me because when you understand the difference you can build a road map to get those things.

And when you have what you need and can think about what you want life is pretty damn good.

What Is Important In Your Life

I didn’t add punctuation to that subhead intentionally because I didn’t feel like it. I am too tired to add the question mark that is supposed to help encourage you to engage with me in the comments.

Doesn’t mean you are not invited to comment or share your thoughts, just means I am tired and cranky.

But if you asked me to come up with a list of things I want most of them aren’t going to be found on a your standard Black Friday list.

In the 42 months or so since I sold my house I have moved about five, maybe six times, depends on how you count.  I am ready to move somewhere and be there for a while.

Ready to really unpack, not just my stuff but my mind. Ready to look at a place and say this is going to be home for a while. Been a long time since I had that feeling.

Touched upon it a few times, but haven’t really had it the way I want for a long while.

So my real Black Friday wish is for a home and if I got it I might as well add a few things to it. Include a great space for writing, a place to read and a spot that is just mine.


Add a home gym to the list and include a regular gym because it is good to get out of the house.

Include a private chef, personal trainer and a private jet to that crazy list and I might even call it complete.

But if I never get those things I’ll live just fine provided I bear in mind that much of what I need/want are things that fill mind/body and soul. As hokey as that may sound that is the crux of it.

I am looking to do/get the stuff that keeps my mind sharp and makes my body work as it should. If I am going to walk upon the earth I might as well try to do it in peak condition.

Might not have it today, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tomorrow.

Better to have a mind that works at top speed and a body that has fewer aches than a new TV, computer and assorted doo dads.

How about you?

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  1. Larry November 23, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    I can relate to much of what you said under the Black Friday Bores Me subheader.
    I hope you can settle down soon and find a home that suits you.

  2. Stan Faryna November 23, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    Are we talking about wishes?

    I’d like some good pictures of Johnny. Haven’t had a photo of him since his last birthday. I’d like to know how he’s doing in school. If he likes it. But if asking for all this is too much, one good pic would be perfect.

    • The JackB November 25, 2014 at 12:14 am

      Sounds like time for a road trip my friend. Let’s go get some pictures, share some adventures and create tall tales as well as those of regular size to share with those who read our blogs.

      And if we can’t have that, well let us find a way to get you that one good pic.

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