The Night Before Thanksgiving

If that wacky woman the inimitable Shmata Queen were watching me write this I’d tell her I have a plan for dealing with those ships in the picture.

And if she asked me to spell it out I’d tell her I needed a couple of billion to secure my own fleet of battleships and that once I had I would officially become the Dread Pirate Roberts.

I’d put on my mask, board Revenge and become the scourge of the oceans but sadly there is one major kink in my plan.

I don’t have a couple billion.

Hell I barely have two bits right now but I just came from a party where I saw people who have known me for a good thirty years or so. A place where the guys and I laughed about things that happened a thousand years ago and told enhanced versions of tales we all know because we lived them together.

And then we talked about the stuff that is going on now and some of us shared some heartbreaking stuff because for a moment we were those guys who you could rely upon to just listen and prop each other up.

For a moment we stopped the clock long enough to pull ourselves out of our bubbles and to share our lives with people who care. And when you have that, when you spend a few minutes with people who knew you when and believe that when extends into now you remember that it can and you figure why not.

 The Night Before Thanksgiving

Sometimes we need to spend moments with people who know us as we were as well as how we are. Not because we need to get lost in time and remember days of glory but because they push us to enjoying the present more.

They help connect who we were into who we are and somewhere in that we recapture some magic, self confidence and belief in taking possibility and creating opportunity.

That is what happened to me tonight.

The guys gave me a lift when I needed it most.

Unselfishly and unexpectedly they did so and I remembered that I can find a way to make it happen. If I want that $2 billion I can find the way. I can create the opportunity.

Some people might scoff and ask me to prove that I can come up with the $2 billion but that is not important to me. I don’t need to prove to them that I am clever, resourceful or lucky.

I only need to prove to myself that I can. I only need to prove to myself that I can be the guy I have always wanted to be.

That is what the lift was about. That is what the storm is about.

I am not who I was and I will never be again but I am good with that.

If I never grew or evolved that would be sad but that is not something I have to worry about.

I entered the night before Thanksgiving feeling bitter and angry and ended it feeling optimistic and joyful.

And that is the sort of gift everyone should be given.

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  1. Irene November 27, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and wishing you many of these moments of “Lift” ahead.

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