The Sexual Antics of Eunuchs, Monks & Communists

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Ask me if I believe in signs and whether things are meant to be and I’ll tell you I am an agnostic.

Engage me and I’ll tell you for a long time I didn’t and that I didn’t believe what I couldn’t taste, touch, hold, feel or measure.

The how and why I came to be an agnostic don’t really matter because I am not interested in trying to convince you to believe as I do.

We don’t need to agree for me to be comfortable with this nor do I need for you to tell you accept what I say as gospel because I don’t operate off of a need for validation.

Of course it is nice to have and I wouldn’t complain if the world spent time asking what it could do to make Jack Steiner happy.

It would be a nice change but I am not sure that I would enjoy it all that much.

That is not because I enjoy being a curmudgeon too much to give it up but because I appreciate the motivation of needing to work and the satisfaction that comes from taking a project from start to finish.

The Sexual Antics of Eunuchs, Monks & Communists

Don’t ask me to explain the headline here because it is not supposed to mean much of anything.

It is just tied into the slide show as another way for me to acknowledge how unsettling and crazy this time of my life is.

And it is there because I am curious to see what sort of traffic it drives if any. Curious to see if people engage with it and or spend time reading through the archives here

Saturday May 9 Update

I started writing this two or three days ago and just stopped. Wasn’t happy with how it was progressing and didn’t have time to tweak it so I just stopped where I was and moved on.

Stared at it for about five minutes, if that, and decided I want to post it as is.


Gut feeling, nothing more than that.

I’ll post something else in a bit, something that may or may not be better.

Ambiguity lends itself to a variety of interpretations.

Came up with that line a few minutes ago and decided I like it.

Sometimes writing is about chasing smoke on the water to try and figure out what the source of it is.

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