Some Things I’ll Teach My Children- 2015 Edition


This is the third edition of this list. The first was written in 2005 and the second in 2010.

If you want to compare the prior versions you are welcome to click the links above, but you don’t have to because I am including all I said before and the new stuff in the list below.

Yep, it is all inclusive, more or less.

  1. Laugh, love and learn always and forever.
  2. Never forget to hold your friends and family close to you.
  3. A good hug can change your day. Everyone needs a hug. We all need to touch and be held.
  4. The majority opinion is not always right nor the most moral/ethical.
  5. Some things are worth fighting for and some are not. The hard part is discerning which is which.
  6. You can never read too many books but you must always supplement your reading/education by doing.
  7. Travel and interact with the world around you.
  8. Learn to speak more than one language.
  9. Play a team sport and learn how to be a team player.
  10. Understand that life is a journey and that half the fun is indeed getting there.
  11. Life is filled with moments, some good and some bad. Just remember this too shall pass.
  12. If saying goodbye doesn’t hurt than whatever it was probably wasn’t worth much.
  13. Take pictures of friends, places and loved ones. They’ll help preserve some great memories.
  14. Try not to grow up too quickly. Childhood is but a short time.
  15. Look for magic.
  16. Remember that you may not always agree with your parents but they also are looking out for your best interests.
  17. Disconnect from your electronics for a while and look at the world around you.
  18. Learn how to read a map. Electronic devices fail or run out of charge.
  19. Focus on basic math skills so that you are not chained to electronics.
  20. Exercise your mind and body every day.
  21. Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from taking chances.
  22. You should be a realist but don’t let that prevent you from being optimistic about your life.
  23. You can’t control everything that happens but you can control how you respond. See #23.
  24. Sometimes stupidity is contagious. Pay attention to where you are at, what you are doing and who you’re with.
  25. Don’t rely upon luck. Work hard and you’ll create your own opportunities.
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