What I Really Want For Father’s Day

Need and want
I don’t like cats, never have and if I never live with another I won’t notice. It is no just because I am allergic to them either, but then again the constant sneezing doesn’t help their case.

A buddy of mine asked me if I really want to move back to Texas and I told him I see it as being a Father’s Day gift.

The goal is to reduce cost-of-living expenses so that I can live a more comfortable life and enjoy/provide more experiences than I am capable of doing so in my current situation.

He asked me if it was possible to do it without moving and I laughed.

Anything Is Possible

Almost anything is possible.

If I chose to get another job or to take on several and made some other adjustments it is possible I could find a way to build the kind of life I want to here but I am focused on working smarter and not harder.

Ask me what I really want for Father’s day now and I’ll tell you I am dying to have my own home office again so that when I want to write I can do so without constant interruption.

My car is 15 years old so I am not just due but ready to buy a new one. I’d like to have more flexibility in what I purchase than I do under the current circumstances.

It is about time for everyone in the house to have their own laptop so it would be nice to have the spare cash to do that without triple checking the budget.

What I Really Want For Father’s Day

What I really want is to reduce the amount of time I spend thinking about how to pay bills and more time on more important matters.

Are there other places that provide similar opportunities?

Sure, but there are three reasons that Texas has held my attention.

I made my first trip there in 1993 and I knew then there was something about it that called out to me. I knew there was a connection just as I know about my connection to Jerusalem and Israel.

I knew I would need to explore it more closely.

That particular itch received attention when I moved there a few years ago. When I went from visitor to resident I knew I was in the right place and even though I moved again I knew I had to go back.

If you look at how many different cities I looked for work in and how many responses I received you’ll see the responses from Texas were more than double everywhere else.

I may be stubborn and thick headed at times but even I know to pay attention to all that, so I did and I have.

What the net result of it all will be is still being worked out but if you are the kind of person who listens to your intuition and your gut, well…

Life Is About Experiences

I am a father and a writer. I need and want more experiences for personal and professional reasons.

So what I really want for Father’s day is all tied into that.

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