Should You Blog When You’re Angry?

angry blogging
The temperature inside my home is pushing 90, might be a bit below or a bit higher, all depends on how accurate the thermostat is.

I haven’t had it calibrated and since I don’t own the place I am living in I don’t particularly care to figure it out.

All I want is for my landlord to figure out that when your AC dies four times in 16 months it is time to do more than slap a bandage on it and hope the bleeding stops.

Had my plans gone as I initially expected them to we would have been out of here months ago but life happens and things don’t always go as you need or want them to.

If they did I wouldn’t be covered in sweat wondering about the relationship between weather and violence.

Granted we may still be on our way out in a short time so some of my concerns about bandages and real solutions to problems may not become the issue I hope not to see them become.


If old Willie Shakespeare were to jump off of my screen and ask me about blogging I would explain it is about storytelling and say that if he really is the writer he is credited with being it should be a simple thing for him.

And then I’d ask him if he thought it prudent to let his anger bleed through his fingers and onto the page. I don’t know what he would say nor am I going to try to pepper this page with quotes that support or disprove my ideas.

Instead I’ll tell you that I am known for being the stereotypical Taurus, it takes some doing to really piss me off but if you manage to do so I will oblige your interest in a way that will likely make you wonder if inciting me was worth it.

That is not me trying to show off or display any sort of bravado. Its place is to remind me that a man who has torn down doors, destroyed walls and done his best to personify a tornado is not a mature man.

Its place is to remind me that a man who has torn down doors, destroyed walls and done his best to personify a tornado is not a mature man.

Been a long time since I did anything truly stupid because of anger, but the past 18 months or so have worn my patience down to the nub and there is a part of me that wonders what it would be like to just let go.

One of the best parts of being a father is being able to tell my children how to avoid getting embroiled in some of the stupid mistakes of my youth based upon experience.

But I confess to you dear reader that part of me still loves the surge of energy that comes with being pissed off. That shot of adrenaline is free of charge and when channeled properly has served me well.

broken heart 

Yesterday I gave you 69 Reasons Why SCOTUS & LinkBait Will Make You Gay because some of those things needed to be said.

But I didn’t provide you with all the snark at my command. I didn’t give you my thoughts about how very dumb some of the arguments against marriage equality are.

Some of you have tried to tell me this is wrong because it is going to allow people to be ridiculous and do things like marry a goat or their dog.

You call it perverse and I’ll agree, that shtupping an animal is perverse and wrong.

But if you tell me marriage equality makes a mockery of marriage and that it somehow hurts yours I’ll ask you to look me in the eye and provide facts that prove your specious allegation to be true.

And then I’ll tell you I am thinking about marrying my left sock and cheating on it by making love to the black dress sock that seems to have lost its partner.

Is that dumb and ridiculous?

Hell yeah it is, but so is claiming that marriage between two people of the same sex will hurt yours.

Maybe it is because at heart I am a romantic and I believe that love is a special thing. You rarely if ever get to pick who you fall in love with and when it happens sometimes you just have to go with it.

Perhaps you should take a hard look at your life again and maybe take a look at The Last Lecture- Remarks of a Dying Man.

Or maybe you can’t handle the truth, maybe it is better to read something like Full Moon Rising- Murderers Unite and see if murder makes

And if that doesn’t work and you need something else, well you can check out An Uncertain Certainty.

Should You Blog When You’re Angry?

The answer is…maybe.

If you can channel your energy and not write anything that you are going regret than maybe it is worth doing.

I often wonder about how honest we are in our posts and what would happen if we really let go. Or maybe it is better to say, what would happen if I really let go and wrote unfiltered and uncensored posts.

Some of the people who know me in real life have asked me some very pointed questions based upon the posts I have written.

It is fair to say some people have been upset by them.

Part of me doesn’t want to have to speak about what I blog about. Part of me wants to write and not worry about consequences because there is a freedom that comes with that.

But then again, if you really put your thoughts out there you cannot avoid potential issues and the consequences of sharing your thoughts.

You’ll never make everyone happy nor should you try but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the potential for issues either.

Just because you can isn’t always a good reason for doing something.

But if you want a push towards being in a place that makes you say fuck it, well kill your AC and let the house turn into a sauna.

I love the heat and always prefer hot weather to cool, but there is a time for sweating like you are in a sauna or exercising at the gym and this isn’t it.

Typing at the keyboard with sweat pouring down my head is not my idea of interesting.

Writers  are supposed to drink Scotch or beer, not the sweat from between their eyes.

Hell, I think I’ll take out a raft and sleep on the pool tonight. Been a long time since I had a waterbed.

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  1. Julie June 28, 2015 at 3:49 am

    Maybe it’s the 100 degree summer heat that brought out the aggravation in me, but I did write about it yesterday. Two things I noticed: (1) no one asked if my Tunisian friend lived or died and (2) at least one person proved my point about no one hearing me (by climbing on their soapbox and lecturing about gay marriage rights).

    Hope your landlord doesn’t have to get the boot. We don’t need a Taurean male run amok on the streets of LA. Or maybe we do… 🙂

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