Are Twitter & Podcasts Still Relevant?

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I haven’t been in school in decades but that never prevents me from wishing I could press pause on the clock and stop the end of summer from racing to catch up with us.

Never stops me from feeling a wacky mix of sadness at the end of Summer and excitement about the prospects of the coming Fall.

That is probably a big part of why every August I try to make a push to do all that I haven’t yet done with the family which is why I almost taught my kids how to sneak from one movie into another theater.

Yeah, it is not the most responsible thing and that is part of why we didn’t move from Ant-Man into Pixels. but truth be told the rumble in my belly was what really pushed me.

Popcorn is a snack, never lunch or dinner.

Are Twitter & Podcasts Still Relevant?

They were two twenty-somethings standing in line at the concession stand, so focused on their discussion about whether Twitter and Podcasts were still relevant they didn’t hear the kid at the counter ask for their order.

Nor did they hear me mutter that wolves don’t give a fuck about movies or television because they don’t use them and consequently aren’t relevant.

Yeah, dad was a little grumpy, tired of listening to my two kids debate about what overpriced theater food to get.

Have I mentioned that my kids have two speeds, “love each other like best friends” and “bicker like frenemies.”

Anyhoo when the two guys in front of me ignored the second “what can I get you” I spoke over them and placed my order.

Apparently that got their attention and they both turned to tell me I couldn’t cut in line and I said that Twitter has gotten so cluttered and noisy messages are frequently missed or lost.

And then with my best glare I stepped up to the counter to pay and suggested that if they hadn’t ignored the kid at the counter they could have placed their order and not held up the line.

The Answer To The Question of Relevance

The answer isn’t particularly difficult nor does it require much thought.

Yeah, they are both still relevant and still useful. Relevance shouldn’t be based upon a question that is posed so broadly as the initial one.

It is based upon use and whether they are useful to you.

You can see examples of that by reading the responses to If Facebook Disappeared Would You Notice?

People have bad habits of basing relevance upon their personal interest or use and not upon how groups respond, act and or use things.

I use to be a very heavy Twitter user and then somewhere along the way I stopped using it the same way as I had.

Now my use comes and goes, some days I am very involved and I have multiple conversations and other days…not so much.

Can’t say that I have ever paid much attention to podcasts. Sure I have the one I unofficially do but there aren’t any I listen to with regularity.

That is because I have never found one that held my attention.

Only a fool would take that to mean there aren’t any good ones out there.

Maybe if I had hard data I would take the fool’s position and say it is true, but I don’t have hard data so I’ll go a different way and suggest I just haven’t come across a good one for me.

We Don’t Always Know

Every time I tell the Shmata Queen I know things she tells me I need to find a new shtick.

She is partially right because I do know things but I also know there is a ton I don’t know. But what I am really referring to here is our proclivity as humans to think we know more than we actually know.

We make a ton of daily decisions based upon this stuff we think we know, things like who has the best prices on XYZ, where to get the cheapest gas, best bread etc.

But the thing is much of what we think we know isn’t based upon that hard data but our personal experience and or feelings so there is a good chance we might be wrong.

We don’t always know what we think we know.decisions
There is a balance there, I don’t know that I have found it but I am still looking.

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  1. Nicole Johnson August 9, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    I can totally relate. Initially, when I started my blog, I was obsessed with Twitter…now it doesn’t seem as important and honestly moves to quickly for me. Though I do have to say I have found some amazing podcasts. Those at Beyond Your Blog have been especially helpful.

    • jacksteiner August 10, 2015 at 8:41 am

      Even though I haven’t been heavily involved with podcasts I appreciate being able to listen and participate on my schedule. That is harder to do with Twitter because of that real time aspect.

      I like that, but when you are busy it is really hard to get into it.

  2. Janine Huldie August 4, 2015 at 4:18 am

    Totally still seeking that balance here myself and admit that I am still very much a work in progress. I think somedays I am getting better at it, while still others not so much. Not sure what the answer is, but still like to like I am just doing my best.

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