Break The Rules Of Blogging & Other Stuff

Someone asked me to share an example of breaking a rule and I told them about the time I had sex with three nuns and the rabbi’s twin daughters.

For a moment they did nothing but gawk and then they asked me how I convinced the rabbi’s twin daughters to share carnal knowledge.

I couldn’t decide if I was more surprised by their not having asked me about the nuns or the fact they actually believed such a ridiculous story.

Although if you believe some of the stories the boys who went to Catholic school tell it might not be so crazy to talk about the nuns that way, after all they weren’t always married to G-d.

A while back I made the Shmata Queen see G-d, at least that is how I interpret the screaming. It is possible she sees it differently because there is that whole Men are from Mars and Women are freaking nuts thing going on here.

I should add as a public safety note to men that most women don’t like being called crazy, told to relax or described as being hysterical.

But every now and then you’ll find one who says they are crazy. I can’t decide whether to be scared or turned on.

Anyhoo, let’s dig into the heart of the matter.

Break The Rules Of Blogging & Other Stuff

The experts in blogging say you must be focused when you write and that you should never publish unless you have something to say.

They say every post should have meaning, reason and more. They say every post should either educate, entertain and or inform.

I don’t pay much attention to those people. I don’t spend time worrying about whether my posts are informative, educational and or entertaining because I figure as long as I put some of myself into them they will always resonate with someone.

Someone will read my words and nod their heads because they agree or they’ll shake their fist in rage and wonder what is wrong with me.

Either is fine because it means these words had an impact. Ambivalence is the enemy of a writer.

And the only way you become a better writer is by writing on a regular basis. You don’t improve by sitting on your hands and or fearing to publish your words because people might not like them.

breakrulesJack’s A Rule Breaker

A thousand years ago when I was a wee lad in college I pledged a fraternity. About a week before initiation one of the actives told me that he had seen all of the other guys change but I was the one guy who really hadn’t.

“Jack, you keep doing things your way. I don’t know if that it always a good thing, but you do it the way you do it.”

It is a fair assessment, I am a rule breaker. I am a guy who often does things his way.

It makes some people crazy because I’ll ask for advice and then go do whatever it was I asked about my way anyhow.

When I became a father I thought about that a lot and wondered how it might impact my parenting. I thought about it and wondered if it would make me a better father or a worse one.

And then I went and did things my way, more or less because it is who I am.

But things happened in my life and I decided to take another look at things.

Schwarzenegger, The Dalai Lama & Being a Dad

I don’t think I could have envisioned a time where I would talk about how I could or would quote Ahnold and The Dalai Lama in discussions with my kids.

They have seen the video below a couple of times. My daughter’s first response  was to tell me my arms were big enough and I didn’t need to get that big.

I told her she was missing the point of the video and that I wanted her to listen carefully.

When she started listening more carefully I made sure she understood that what I wanted her to take from this was the willingness not to fear failure, the belief in herself and the understanding that you have to work hard.

I don’t worry about how many readers I have or don’t have. I don’t wonder if I am going to get a book deal because I was discovered.

I just do my thing. It would be nice if I had more readers and if I got that book deal, but it doesn’t happen because you worry or think about it.

It happens because you build a foundation and work hard.

I have had my heart broken more than once. It was never enjoyable but it helped me figure out what I wanted and what I didn’t.

More importantly it helped me understand what I need.

If you don’t know the difference between what you need and what you want life can be much more difficult. Once you know the answers to those questions you can build your roadmap and work like hell to get what you are looking for.

A Final Thought

One last thing courtesy of my good friend Pablo.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
― Pablo Picasso

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  1. Tim Bonner November 28, 2015 at 7:04 am

    I like that you’re a rule breaker.

    I wish I could get over the anxiety of just writing and seeing where things go. It’s holding me back at the moment.

  2. Larry November 24, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    That first part made me laugh.

    This quote is right on: Ambivalence is the enemy of a writer.

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