Sweet Like Candy

Peculiar to think we once referred to us as we and not as you and I.

Or maybe it isn’t strange at all because the history of us has always been the sort of seesaw best saved for the playground.

You chased I and then I chased you until the day of the crash when things changed and you became I and I became you.

Chocolate met Peanut Butter and no one could ever have imagined them as individuals, because together they were perfection, until they were not.

Two crumbs and a memory of something were all they left behind.


Made a last moment decision to enter the 100 Word Challenge. Since I was strapped for time I gave myself 5 minutes to write and another 3 to try and clean up any spelling and or grammatical errors.

Might have to start doing this on a regular basis, I miss writing like this, don’t do it frequently enough.

It is a great tool to work on our writing skills, got a ton of it marked under the Fragments of Fiction category, might be time to do some more with it.

100 Word Challenge


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