The Lazy Guardian Angel

The bus missed the mother holding her toddler and the baby in the stroller next to her.

It flew another 100 yards down a crowded sidewalk without hitting the couple sharing an ice cream cone, the old lady with the walker and the teenager texting his mother.

The policeman, the news reporters and the guys from the office of the building it came to rest in front of all talked about how incredible it was that more people weren’t hurt.

“Guardian angels must have been working overtime is what they said.”

“All except mine, I guess that’s just my luck.”


 I participated in the 100-word challenge again It is hosted by Tara at the Thin Spiral Notebook.
– the prompt was is LUCK.

100 Word Challenge

That 100 Word Idea

That trickster time has fooled me again.

I forget that he plays the eternal clock like a giant accordion. He pulls each side away from each other and tricks us into believing we are living through an eternal moment.

The instant passes time and as the sides rush together towards a meeting in the center we remember that our idea about how long a moment lasts is flawed.

I try to not to jog alongside the sun or run with the moon because it is hard to be present in this moment when I rush towards the next.

I joined the 100-word challenge again. It is hosted by Tara at theThin Spiral Notebook again. The word was Ideas, technically I was late  but that is what happens when you run with the sun.

The challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate. It is a good tool for helping to improve you writing. I highly recommend it.

100 Word Challenge

Sweet Like Candy

Peculiar to think we once referred to us as we and not as you and I.

Or maybe it isn’t strange at all because the history of us has always been the sort of seesaw best saved for the playground.

You chased I and then I chased you until the day of the crash when things changed and you became I and I became you.

Chocolate met Peanut Butter and no one could ever have imagined them as individuals, because together they were perfection, until they were not.

Two crumbs and a memory of something were all they left behind.


Made a last moment decision to enter the 100 Word Challenge. Since I was strapped for time I gave myself 5 minutes to write and another 3 to try and clean up any spelling and or grammatical errors.

Might have to start doing this on a regular basis, I miss writing like this, don’t do it frequently enough.

It is a great tool to work on our writing skills, got a ton of it marked under the Fragments of Fiction category, might be time to do some more with it.

100 Word Challenge