That 100 Word Idea

That trickster time has fooled me again.

I forget that he plays the eternal clock like a giant accordion. He pulls each side away from each other and tricks us into believing we are living through an eternal moment.

The instant passes time and as the sides rush together towards a meeting in the center we remember that our idea about how long a moment lasts is flawed.

I try to not to jog alongside the sun or run with the moon because it is hard to be present in this moment when I rush towards the next.

I joined the 100-word challenge again. It is hosted by Tara at theThin Spiral Notebook again. The word was Ideas, technically I was late  but that is what happens when you run with the sun.

The challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate. It is a good tool for helping to improve you writing. I highly recommend it.

100 Word Challenge
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