Bernie Sanders Is Sleeping With Hilary & Trump

Don’t tell anyone but a teenager just pressed every one of my buttons and three I didn’t know I had.

It probably doesn’t explain why I want to tear the door off of the hinges, throw every loose item in a garbage bag and start vacuuming at 4:30 AM or maybe it does.

Maybe it would be smarter and safer for all parties if I pretended aliens came down from outer space and sucked out the common sense from the still-developing teenage brain.

Bernie Sanders Is Sleeping With Hilary & Trump

You might wonder how a man like myself can move from the opening ‘graph into a subhead that should be taken as an example of hyperbole.

The reason you shouldn’t wonder is if you are reading this you are clearly surfing the net and are aware it is populated by nitwits, buffoons, morons and three village idiots who have yet to find their way home.

And some of the aforementioned folks seem to believe that articles by The Onion and their competitors are truth.

Hell, some of them clearly believe anything that appears online should be accepted as gospel and not questioned because logic and reason are tools that other people use, not them.

Did I mention I just broke a tooth and how much betrayal by my body pisses me off.


I was tempted to put a caption like ‘Shofar sho good” on this picture but I don’t know how many of you would understand it, let alone find it funny so I didn’t.

Truth is I am writing this post in large part to clear my head and calm down because I truly am frustrated with multiple things and people.

Instead of going to a second seder we went to a wedding tonight.

Typically that is not something that would happen but this was a special occasion and something that required adjusting schedules around.

Ten minutes within arrival I was introduced to a man who I took an immediate dislike to. Can’t say if intuition told me that he was going to be a jerk (he was and he is) but I can tell you I had a visceral response to meeting him.

It surprised me and when I walked away I felt like I hadn’t been fair and made a point to go speak with him again.

I was disappointed by his proving my initial assessment correct and frustrated that I was seated at the same table.

Part of me felt guilty because if my kids told me they didn’t want to spend an evening with someone they disliked I would tell them they could manage it for a short while.

I’d say that we aren’t going to be sitting the whole time and tell them part of growing up is learning how to be civil with people we dislike.

Well, I wanted to civilly tell that schmuck to smile while I jammed that ram’s horn up his rear. I didn’t want to jam it up there to hurt him, but to help him.

How else would I help pull his head out of his ass?


I am not going to lie and say I don’t have a temper because I do and you don’t want to be on the wrong end of it.

But I can say the benefit of having some life experience is it takes some doing to bring it out of me.

Generally if I focus my ire upon you it is because I have made an effort to remove myself and you have refused to allow me to do so.

As I told my teen, that doesn’t mean I am not human and that I don’t get angry or that I never fly off of the handle.

I have done so and will do so again.

Can’t say when, why or how, just that I will.

But I can say I am very aware of how I feel and hold myself accountable for my behavior and my actions.

It is just part of being a responsible person and understanding that acting out of anger is probably going to lead to consequences I prefer to avoid.

How Do You Find The Write Stuff?

There is a story called Timing that I have run several times here.

Technically the first time I published it was on the old blog way back in 2010.

It receives comments and compliments every time I run it and I am proud of the writing. It is a fragement of a bigger story and a reminder.

A reminder that I need to bear down and take the time to write the whole damn thing. I need to do more than just publish the fragments.

I pay attention to the posts where I feel like the words flow my fingertips. Spit or Swallow is another one of those too.

The question I ask is what distinguishes these from the average post and how I can duplicate that each time I put pen to paper.

No need to reinvent the wheel, especially if I don’t have to.


I can tell you there is No Cure For Blogging and say I walked away from the computer for a moment because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say about good writing and how to wrap this post up in a neat little bow.

The beauty of blogs and blogging is that it provides us with a cybersandbox in which we can both practice and experiment with our craft.

That is what I here and a big part of why I write.

And now my friends it is time to go see the teen and talk about this last moment and see if we can come to an understanding.

If not, well someone will be reminded about who is called dad and who isn’t.

(P.S. Yeah little sisters, I know I sound just like dad. It happens. 🙂 )

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  1. Aaron Yavelberg May 2, 2016 at 10:51 am

    For what it’s worth, I laughed at the “Shofar sho good” line.

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