How Dad Bloggers Can Make America Better Again

The guy in the coffee shop said he was tired of dumb blogger and the stupid stuff they write about.

I took one last sip of my Espresso, dumped the rest on his head and screamed “one day you’ll work for one of these dumb bloggers or show up as the antagonist in the award-winning novel he just finished writing.

His hipster pal tried to sneak up and cold cock me from the side, but I saw him coming and jumped up on a table.

The bearded wonder did his best to try and pull me down but all he got for his trouble was my size 12 boot in his mouth.

Since I know those crazy dudes travel in packs I made a point to stop to survey the scene. Jumped from the table over the bar and watched the baristas scramble out of my way.

“Nobody makes fun of bloggers on my watch, especially dad bloggers!”

Dumb hipsters had no idea who they were messing with. I wasn’t a closer to middle-aged guy wearing empty cargo shorts.

Before I became a dad I was a very active and fit man who just might have closed down a bar or two and lived a little bit of life.

Teach Your Children Well

That day at the coffee shop is legendary in my family. It is the day the kids figured out I wasn’t kidding when I would sing along to As Good I Once Was with Toby Keith.

My teenager looked at me, “Dad, you destroyed them. It wasn’t even fair.”

My daughter wasn’t as impressed.

“Dad, it was really embarrassing. You hit a couple of girls and threw a service dog at the blind lady.”

Sorry kids, after months of listening to the Trump/Cruz/Sanders/Clinton rhetoric I snapped and decided the best way to make America Better Again was to take action.

They smiled and told me I was right and said they never doubted any choices I made and promised to tell everyone I am the greatest father and dad blogger of all.

“Gee willikers dad, you really are the best.”

I hugged them both, wiped helped the blind lady back to her feet and we walked out to get ice cream cones.

How Dad Bloggers Can Make America Better Again

Yeah, I’ll concede parts of this post are fiction and some of it is a bit silly.

But a man who loves to write and needs to make sure he exercises his creative side deserves to play a little bit.

The scary thing about this silly tale is it could be a true story. It could be real.

These days truth is often stranger than fiction, but I suppose that is part of what makes life interesting.


Got a final comment or two to share with you.

Been thinking a little bit about writing a post about hard choices and decision making and another one about how to describe the blog,

Something along the lines of what would you say if someone asked you to share five posts that are supposed to be representative of your blog as a whole.

What would you pick?

No answers here yet, but I’ll leave you with this quote and a promise to write more later.


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  1. Larry May 3, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    Talk of this election depresses me.

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