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It Might Be The Most Important Lesson

Editor’s Note: There are two things you need to know right off the bat:

  1. I am being compensated for this post by the fine folks at Groupon.

  2. Their cash doesn’t influence my opinion but it does help keep the lights on around here. 🙂

One of the most important lessons I have learned in life is to recognize that things and people can be taken away from us but experiences last forever.

Don’t mistake that for me trying to sell or fear or scare you into doing things because some bad stuff may happen because it might not.

You could be one of those people who are fortunate enough to live relatively drama free lives where the people you love are healthy and live long lives and your cash flow is never interrupted or disturbed in such a way that you have to give things up.

These things do happen and they happen more frequently than some people realize, but there are plenty of other people who have different experiences.

Sometimes it is having to say goodbye to loved ones who die far too young or sometimes it is something else.

Since I write about what I know I can say I have experienced some rougher moments and that has impacted how I approach life.

I like to think it has helped make me more appreciative of the good times and the people I share them with.

Experiences Cannot Be Taken Away

One of the changes that came because of these bumpier moments is my desire to collect experiences and to give my children as many as I can.

Experiences can’t be taken away so I look for tools and resources I can use to help facilitate making more for us.

Groupon Coupons like this one help make those experiences happen for us.

They help me find ways to save a couple of bucks here and there so we can take family trips and see places and spaces we might not otherwise get to see.

Those vacations will likely provide better memories than trendy clothes or fancy sports cars. Hell, there are few things that compare to watching my kids smile and laugh together.

There is a sense of satisfaction and pleasure that comes with it that you don’t get in any other way.

I have two trips I have to plan for this summer. Two family events that I can’t miss and a bunch of other expenses that can’t be avoided, so you can bet your bippy that I’ll be searching Groupon for as many deals as I can find.

Travel and food deals are usually available.

With a little work and some luck we’ll share some big adventures and come back with stories we’ll tell and revisit for the next 80 or so years.

Yes, I said 80 or so because I plan on living that long or longer.

Disclosure: As stated at the top I was compensated for writing this post but all opinions are mine.

You’re Weird & You’re Ugly

I’ll never understand people but I’ll always thank them for providing plenty of blog fodder.

X Marks The Spot

Sometimes I see people tearing through posts here and I wonder if they have any clue what they are looking for.

Are they looking for a specific post, phrase, thought or idea or just pointing and clicking their way through the day?

Would it be helpful if I provided them with a map where X marks the spot and they would be guaranteed a rich reward for digging up buried treasure?

Well, I could share my thoughts and ideas or talk about how their adventure reminds me about all of the digital crumbs we leave all over the place.

I don’t know why, but I am reminded of a story I read a while back about someone who had spyware installed upon their phone and how their every move was tracked.

A buddy of mine asked if I ever worried about that and I said no, because my actions would bore most people.

Unless they enjoyed searched for garden gnome sex, shlattering and sexy sneezing.

Sometimes you have to dig really hard to find that black marble, assuming it is actually in there.

See you in the comments.

Don’t Listen…Really

Another ridiculous audio post that you might actually enjoy if you listen, some of it might even be entertaining.

69 miles To Treasure Island

Sometimes you have to mix things up and go with the audio post because it adds color and layers to your blog posts you cannot get any other way.