Back In The Sky

Twenty-one years ago I walked through Centennial Park in Atlanta and shook hands with Jesse Jackson.

It wasn’t scheduled or for any particular reason other than I was in town for the Olympics and the park had just reopened.

I wasn’t nervous about being there or excited to meet Jessie but I was quite happy to be at the Olympics.

It was a prize I had won through hard work and I felt lucky and proud to be there and now twenty-one years later I am going back.

Back In The Sky

To be honest it is almost unfair to say I am going back because I’ll be in town for about 32 hours or so and 50 percent will be in meetings and or at the airport.

Won’t be any time for tourism, visiting friends or getting into trouble.

Ok, let’s be honest there is plenty of time for getting into trouble but I am going to do my best to avoid it because I have too much going on now.

It is hard enough to juggle chainsaws and bowling balls, no reason to add torches and knives.

And considering I am not a huge fan of flying anymore the idea of getting back in the sky is less than thrilling.

But I have a gut feeling that things are about to turn in a positive direction and I need to follow that because I feel like I have been wandering through hell covered in gasoline.

Wish that was an exaggeration but it is not, it has been one of those moments in time I will be glad to see pass.

A Big World

I know I am not the only one going through things now so I am making a mental note to remind myself that a bunch of us are dealing with extra crap now.

It can’t hurt to try to be extra nice and not just because I hope it will be returned but because sometimes it feels really good to help others.

And with that dear reader I am off to go finish packing and then watch Fauda, love that show.

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  1. Larry April 19, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    Nice visual with this line. Sounds dangerous and nerve wracking and a little funny!
    “It is hard enough to juggle chainsaws and bowling balls, no reason to add torches and knives.”

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