Sometimes People Disappoint You

I think I have read every Robert Heinlein book or at least all that were published.

Can’t say for certain because it has been a long while since I read the last but there was a time when Heinlein and Ray Bradbury were my go to authors.

Heinlein has a quote that has been shared a few times that fits the present.

“You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”

But what really strikes me more than anything about now is how you never get too old to outgrow being disappointed by people.

Sometimes People Disappoint You

If you look at large groups you are guaranteed to run into a situation or circumstance in which you are disappointed by how some people behave.

That is just how life goes and I am fine with that.

My issue comes with the gut punch from being disappointed by people you care about who supposedly care or used to care about you.

There is no joy or solace in the disappointment that is associated with that.

But it is a part of life too and sometimes you are going to be forced to deal with it.

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