The Paper Jam

A paper jam is never the way you want to start your day and it is not because you are naive enough to believe that technology is supposed to work as intended.

Always and intended are words that come to mind along with sucker and ‘Good luck.’

Speaking of always and intended I am wrestling with those things.

Only a juvenile expects things to never change hopes things will magically fall into place if and when things change.

Because you know that is a reasonable–to expect that some things will continue forever or at least the people you expect to be there will always be.

Still Drunk

I may not post as much new material here but I am still drunk on writing. I probably write with the same frequency as ever, if not more.

It is the only way you can keep your skills sharp and or improve. Both are important to me.

So I am still pushing, just doing it a bit differently than I used to.

But that doesn’t mean I have come to love or appreciate paper jams or any sort of technology failure.

Fortunately I am usually adept at figuring them out, but I wouldn’t mind not having to do so anymore.


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  1. Larry April 23, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Paper jams = PITA
    Glad you continue to satisfy the writing bug.

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