Looking For America

We elected a clown and incompetent boob who says he is trying to make America great.

How many school shootings have we seen since he was put in office?

That doesn’t mean I am ignoring Las Vegas or the other horrors he seems to claim are committed by people who don’t look like him or are done by those who are mentally ill.

I don’t recognize this and I can’t accept it as the way things have to be. Guess I am looking for America.

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  1. Danny Brown May 19, 2018 at 10:44 am

    The saddest thing, mate? To his devoted followers/sheeple, he’s doing a great job. Never mind the “facts” they’re using are complete bullshit, nor the fact that he loves to blame predecessors for all his ills.

    Meanwhile, kids are dying, he’s in the pockets of the NRA, and the GOP don’t give a shit because they’re finally in power.

    Man, if November 2016 didn’t prove how important it is to get out and vote, then this November will. Here’s hoping some form of actionable change is the result.

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