Lead Or Follow

Someone asked why this place has been quiet for so long and I told them Traveling Jack has been engaged in multiple adventures in places without WiFi or cell service.

They ask if the Shmata Queen has been a part of these or if Traveling Jack has been alone.

If I told you she was kidnapped and I have been working out the details of how to rescue her would you shake your head and ask what really happened or beg for more details?

Would you say it’s inconceivable she would allow herself to be captured and or locked up or that she would need my help?

If you picked another option and said I would let her remain locked up and not breach the castle walls and pull her out of there you would be wrong.

They haven’t built the place that could do that.

Lead Or Follow

Sometimes you have to choose between options and the question is as simple as lead or follow.

You may want and long for the shades of gray which enable you to see circumstances in terms that aren’t as stark but you can’t always get what you want..

So you pick the road and lead or follow the path for as long as you can and that is how it goes until life chooses to make you change again.

Maybe it is with a shmata and maybe it is without.

What is today will not always reflect what is tomorrow.

That may make your heart cry or may make it sing.

More to come on this or maybe not.

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