A Momentary Silence

Things moved from silence to conversation back to silence.

I was disappointed but not surprised at this turn of events.

Some things have bumps in the road and moments where what seemed like a straight line turn out to have curves.

That is not a good or bad thing, it is just part of life and the trick is to just let it roll and unfold as it will.

If instinct and intuition are on the mark all will be fine and if they aren’t, well all will still be fine.

There was a moment where that look seemed to offer an invitation to revisit the taste and feel of lips upon lips, but I refused to go there.

Not because I didn’t want to but because I wasn’t going to be told I had created an issue. Blurry lines didn’t need any help nor additional blurring.

Especially given the decision to see if instinct and intuition were correct or misguided. Better to wait for an official invitation than to cause unnecessary chaos.

Change will or will not come and we’ll see what sort of revolution it does or does not cause.

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