What A Fool Believes

The Shmata Queen told me a short while back about all of the things in our lives that had changed and how it would make certain dreams impossible.

I didn’t respond or argue with it but my best guess is she knows damn well I didn’t accept it.

She might say it is because it’s news/information I don’t like or want to hear but I would debate that point.

I don’t like it but the reason I don’t accept it is because of all that I have seen and experienced which suggests to me that sometimes we don’t know as much about life and what might happen as we think.

Hell, there is no good reason for us to have met and yet we did.

Not only did we meet but we somehow found our way down the spiral path and through the inside out in ways that make it impossible for me to say things are impossible.

Sometimes you look at a woman and say I know you love me and she responds with something that sounds like “what a fool believes.”

I Make No More Predictions Upon This Page…Today

What comes down the road or doesn’t come isn’t defined by today or tomorrow or fate. It is a combination of all of these elements and something else.

Weird science it is, and now we walk the path not because we are curious to see what comes of particular and specific relationships but because it is what is required for all of life.

Can’t stay still and can’t stay hidden.

Got to keep walking and see what unfolds as we go.

It ought to be interesting.

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  1. Larry April 24, 2019 at 4:39 am

    Life’s changes and the winding road. You sound like a man coming up on milestone.

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