Fifteen Minutes In Five

I need 15 minutes to do a proper job of writing this post but only have five so we’ll adapt and overcome.

One of my favorite songs, but for some reason often forget about it.

It is fascinating to me and why some memories stick and others disappear. A mix of good, bad and in between they slumber and rise on their own schedule.

Got some conversations I need and want to have but am not sure when some of those will happen.

Can only control what we can control so we do our best to manage the rest.

Such a strange time of life when you feel like you know everything and nothing. When you know that one call can turn everything around and that it isn’t an impossible dream.

But still it is not as easy as just wishing it into existence.

Some changes are forever, two weeks until the first anniversary of my father’s death. That is one that isn’t going to change, he is gone forever.

If there is an afterlife and we find each other there that would be great, but it doesn’t change things now.

And so we just do our best to roll with the changes.

Times up, five minutes is over.

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