A Few Quick Words

Middle sister has kept me posted on the state of college applications, starting with her oldest who has already finished his freshman year of university life.

Her middle child is entering senior year and considering a variety of schools based upon education and potential scholarship opportunities.

I am excited for her because in a number of situations she is being recruited for her athletic abilities so that could present some very cool opportunities. Not sure yet if she is going to follow up on those, but I am excited nonetheless for her.

It would have been amazing to have had some of those myself, but I didn’t so perhaps I’ll learn a little bit about what it is like as Uncle Jack and not firsthand.

My dad would have loved to have had the opportunity to watch his granddaughter play, but would have been just as proud if she doesn’t.

Education comes first.

Got so many other things going on and so much to handle, but there are no other options so handle it I shall.

But it would be nice if life was a little simpler.

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