Falling Or Floating?

I wrote a letter to a girl in which I asked if we were falling or floating away or towards each other.

Heard soft voices rising and a sort of symphony that moved from silence to a roar and just watched.

It wasn’t easy to ignore my natural impulses to fire up the engine and come flying out of the garage racing towards that light I saw in the sky in the distance.

I won’t be the moth that flys into the flame but I will be the guy who sails to the end of the sea to see what lies upon the lonely isle.

I can’t ignore the rainbow and not find out if the leprechaun that lies upon the other side is friendly and willing to share his pot of gold.

Can’t just stare at the castle walls knowing I was on the other side and am not for silly or ridiculous reasons such as not asking for the drawbridge to be released.

That is what is different,.

There was a time when I would have just laid siege to the walls and now I take a gentler approach asking politely for doors to be opened.

It is remarkably effective and causes far less chaos.

The North Star

Some wolves howl because they are alone and wish not to be and others know it is a temporary thing.

They lean back and look at the north star and call out knowing eventually their call will be returned.

That answering howl comes and they walk swiftly and silently under the starry night sky towards their companion.

Time operates in the traditional sense in that it passes but it is not viewed traditionally. Some things don’t change just because time has passed.

They continue and exist regardless of the passage.

Some things simply are.

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  1. Larry September 18, 2019 at 8:54 am

    A post that seems peaceful and at ease. A gentle breeze.

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