One Quick Update

It was a long and unsatisfying day in many ways and I can’t blame any one person or thing other than me.

Well I could blame others and it wouldn’t be unreasonable or unacceptable but there is not much point in doing so because I can’t change them. Can’t get them to do a damn thing so I have to focus on what I am or am or not doing.

It is a rough place to be in because some of it is truly unfair, but life isn’t fair and you have to roll with the good and the bad.

Truth is some of what bothers me is of minor significance and I ought to frame it in its proper context because it would make me feel better.

But for some reason the last couple of days my swagger has been off and my mojo missing.

Got a few ideas as to why and given a good night of rest it may all feel different in the morning.

Probably the biggest issue is a general lack of support and a sense that I have no one to cover my back in the way I want it covered.

Again that might be incorrect and the product of a rough couple of weeks and a long day.

So I’ll grind out the rest of the evening and see what the morning holds. Only takes one thing to change it all.

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