Fifty Years Later

Sat down at a table and laughed when the woman across from me pointed and said, “you’re babies.”

She asked what was funny and I said I knew she was 53.

“That is three years older than us, happy to be a baby if three years is all it takes.”

She told me if I knew what she had been through I would understand why she spoke like that and I said we have our paths.

“What does that mean?”

“It means we all walk a road and I have been through one that had its challenges.”

I watched tilt her head and say she couldn’t tell if I was a happy or sad man.

“I am both and I am neither.”

“So what does that make you aside from a circle talker?”

“It makes me human.”

The Lost Fathers

Been talking with a few of the guys about what it means and what it is like to be without our fathers.

We carry the load that was left behind our own way and with our own particular touch.

“We’re the boys with the lost fathers who were surprised with how challenging it is to be the men without one to speak with.”

They nod their heads and some talk about how hard it is because they don’t have a girlfriend or wife to lean on to share their pain.

“Women are different, you can talk to them differently than you can to another a guy.”

We nod and expand upon it, “they understand much, but some things are beyond them. It is not a judgment call or criticism, there are things you can’t understand if you are not a man.

Probably a bunch of stuff that is similar that they would say about us in reverse.”

They nod their heads in agreement.

“Probably worse to have someone and not feel like you can really talk to them.”

Again they nod and we move on to other topics and agree that life isn’t fair and you can’t do anything but focus on making the best of what we encounter.

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