Four Weeks

We’re approaching the end of four weeks of training for the new position and I am pretty optimistic about it.

Stayed within the same company so my tenure and benefits haven’t been affected so that has been a significant bonus.

Ask me what my gut feel is for this and I’ll tell you it really looks good and say I am relatively nervous too.

That is the joy of the unknown because for the moment I have few responsibilities but that will change soon. I am trying to enjoy this time but it is not easy because of the unknown and lack of control.

So every day I focus on what I can control and do my best to let the rest go because it just sucks time and energy out of me.

Some days I am good about it and some days less good. I suppose the primary issue is some of the changes I feel are so profound it is hard not to be impacted by them.

I try to make a game out of it where I compete against myself and work on mental toughness because the more times I beat myself the bigger the win.

That may sound awkward but the meaning to me is clear and for this I am the only one who matter but I would be lying if I said there aren’t moments where I want a hug and a smile that makes it clear I have support.

No reason to try to be tough all the time.

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