Is It 56 Days Or 18 Years

Been meaning to update this place as I have updated every other blog I think but it hasn’t happened.

Got jammed with more than a little nonsense to deal with in the personal and professional areas of life.

Most of it has been ok but some has been the kind of irritating and irksome material. About time to talk to my doc and ask him about a particular situation that has stuck around for a bit.

It is of a personal nature and I had expected it to resolve itself but it doesn’t seem to want to do that and I am unclear as to whether I haven’t given enough time or if it needs treatment.

In general it doesn’t prevent me from doing as I wish but when it shows up it is noticeable and I wonder if there is reason to be more concerned.

Might not be, but I really don’t know enough so I’ll ask and get a sense of it.

Been waiting too because of Covid19 thinking things might settle down a bit.

No need to go racing off to get help for something that generally doesn’t bother me, especially when it feels like we haven’t peaked yet.

Is it 56 days of quarantine or 18 years, I am not really sure.

But I am certain this is real, not a hoax and that Trump bungled the response.

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