The Worst Elected Official Ever

It is day 918,984 of 2020 and chaos surrounds me in large because we had the misfortune to put Delusional Donald Trump into office.

Let me correct that, I didn’t vote for him and actively pushed people not to vote for him because I was convinced he was an incompetent fool who was running for office solely to stroke his ego.

When he won I was disappointed but I figured we would get beyond him and that Trump would be like a giant pothole the US hit on the highway.

What I didn’t recognize was he was the dirtbag grifter head of a cult that has no interest in dealing with reality and would readily sunder any connection they had with morals, ethics and reality.

It never occurred to me that he could 10,000 times worse than I expected and that he would actively sow chaos and push division.

Didn’t occur to me that he would push hate and move people to hurt other Americans just because they disagreed or that he would like the idea of Civil War.

Crooked Donnie has systematically and repeatedly attacked democratic norms and institutions and the system of checks and balances that is supposed to prevent him from doing what he is doing has been failing.

Donnie’s Disease

Some say criticism of him proves a lack of patriotism and or parrot his desire to label anything he doesn’t like as fake.

Sadly his disease of delusion has been contracted by many and they have taken to either letting him do/say whatever he wants without holding him accountable.

If policies don’t work and ideas are subjected to criticism it is always the fault of another. It is never because they’re bad policies or because there are better ideas.

It is dangerous and disappointing behavior and part of why more than 80,000 Americans are dead and millions unemployed.

The Trump administration failed to take Coronavirus seriously and did not plan or prepare for the disaster they saw coming.

Eventually, they recognized it was a mistake and began to do a few things including a general gaslighting campaign to convince the cult that Trump had taken action and that others had stopped him from doing what needed to be done.

But those of us who read and are not willfully blind know otherwise. We know he used magical thinking to say it wouldn’t be serious, was going to just go away and that his half-ass travel ban was ineffective.

We know he dropped the ball multiple times and in multiple areas all the whole trying to blame others for yet another failure on his part.

I don’t know where we are going to end up but I do know we are a very sick and broken country right now.

Some say we are irreparably broken but I am not one of those people but I think we are heading into much steeper downward spiral and Trump is doing all he can to accelerate it.


It can be mitigated, adjusted and improved upon but I am not prepared to say fixed, too much has to be done for me to say that.

But I won’t say it is impossible either.

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