A Story With No End Part II

Took A Story With No End and came up with a few ideas that I haven’t finished executing yet.

Thought about whether the divorced redneck attorney who thinks he has a shot at SQ would appreciate a cameo and left his dumbass out of it.

Dude probably is sniffing underwear infected with Covid19 while jerking off to a picture of Dear Leader in all his naked Orangeness.

Or maybe he is shoving his fat hands into a bag of Cheetos and leaving orange stains all over his shirts while working on briefs, hell if I know the real story.

What I know is that some of these dopey QAnon conspiracy theory believing motherfuckers are sniffing around where they don’t belong not recognizing the digital footprints they leave behind.

I take my screenshots and prepare my files and don’t bother to tell them I see far more than they recognize, realize or understand.

If you are going to come for me you might find the castle empty and discover I have come for you or is that a Game of Thrones plot.

A Kinder, Gentler Jack

Got a few people asking for a kinder gentler Jack, the dude with two hands wrapped in your hair or maybe the one whose body your legs are wrapped around because you asked for special manhandling.

Even now that still makes SQ smile but I digress.

That is what happens when I get fired up and remember who the fuck I am and what I have accomplished.

I broke the chains, moved heaven and earth and got shackled again only to break free another time.

I think I got hit in the head and I forgot about things but time has passed and memory is returning with it.

So I am running free and seeing the field with a clarity I haven’t had for a bit.

Not going to stop until I have covered the immediate ground in front of me and even then I may keep going for a bit.

Sometimes a man has got to do nothing but be a man and feed his inner nature.

I’ll let you dear reader decide what that means and whether it is good, bad or in between.

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