That Was Unexpected

Life is filled with surprises, not all are good and not all are bad.

The moment when the person you call ‘boss’ comes down on you without provocation and with weak excuses for their bad behavior is both disturbing and unexpected.

Unexpected because there was a moment when you were the greatest in the office and they sung your praises.

And then disturbing in a way that made you have to pop out your AirPods so you could take a phone call.

Which is to say it was so unbelievable you wanted to make sure you heard it with your own ears.

I damn near called that girl afterwards to tell her, but she went silent the other day so I wasn’t sure if she was busy or needed space.

Had I been certain I had to get her counsel I would have reached out immediately but I wasn’t certain and I was angry.

Slightly irked with her because one likes to have one’s air but more pissed off with the situation in general.

Because that call made my eyes bug out a little bit.

Is he nuts?

The answer is damn straight.

Just Breathe

PTSD from past events made my heart pound a little bit as I wondered where this was going and then I decided I am going to control it.

Not really sure how, but the plan is to do just that, somehow control it.

Somehow turn weakness into strength and make like Archimedes and his lever.

I think I know where that lever is and how to use it, but it is going to take some doing and it is going to take some balls.

Going to take some deep breaths to master the moment and then we are going to see what we can do to make this moment be nothing more than a short blip.

And wouldn’t that be quite the trick and worthy of a blog post or two about that moment.

Stay tuned.

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