Should I Be Embarrassed?

Back to follow up on Ten Years And Nine Months but unsure of whether to write about an uncomfortable situation.

Uncertain about whether it will bring clarity or irritation so I’ll tap upon the keyboard for a moment or two and see what comes of it.

Something happened which in theory I should have known was coming but knew nothing about and was caught off guard and am waiting to see how someone at a different level takes it.

In theory it’s a pretty good thing that I stumbled into through dumb luck and that might be how it is received and understood.

But it could be considered a misstep, this lack of awareness and it might reflect poorly.

I don’t think it should or it will because I have spoken about this in the past and laid out the groundwork that should protect me.

But should doesn’t mean will and I have mixed emotions and find this sort of unsettling.

I’ll roll with it and not show my card unless I have to, but the timing here is suspect in some ways so I am going to have to just roll with it and see what happens.

That’s what bothers me the most.


It is hard to wait and see. Hard to accept I can’t do anything to impact this before tomorrow but that is the smart move…waiting.

If it goes as I hope no one will say anything about it and I’ll just be grateful for dumb luck and move on.

But, if they do speak of it in a negative way, well then I will do as I do to adjust and pivot.

That will be accepted or it won’t and I’ll have to live with the consequences. Should they ask I might quote Teddy and reiterate this is how I roll in some areas because I really do.

Better to try and fail than fail to try.

And so it goes.

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